Event Date/Time: May 30, 2006 End Date/Time: Jun 01, 2006
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With an average spend of approximately £290 million on individual drug launch and commercialisation alone, it is undoubtedly a very profitable time for marketeers specialising in the European pharmaceutical sector. However, even the corporate giants in the pharmaceutical industry are facing challenging times due to many blockbuster drugs coming off patent and therefore open to competition. Despite this, the expectations of stakeholders and forecasters remain forever high and drive the vital need for brands to maintain or limit the loss of market share, well after their patents have expired. To fulfill this demand, pharmaceutical companies are now more than ever seeking services that offer greater innovation in the commercialisation process to maximise the chances of success of both their RX and OTC products.

Undoubtedly it also continues to be a very exciting and challenging time for pharmaceutical companies. For some time now the Internet and other means of communicating directly to the consumer has produced an ever-increasing population of highly informed and opinionated end-users. Furthermore, it is essential to the success of any product that marketing and branding strategies become increasingly potent in reaching and penetrating the mind space within the lucrative physician marketplace.

Long having reached an era of global commercialisation, the pharmaceutical industry needs to constantly tailor global marketing and branding strategy to national and regional markets while at the same time operate within evolving, and in many instances controversial, EU regulatory framework. It has become all too evident that in a market where the stakes are exceptionally high, and mistakes are spectacularly costly, failure can very quickly spell catastrophe as for industry fledglings and Goliaths alike.

The PharmaBrand Summit is an exclusive gathering that will bring together senior-level pharmaceutical executives with a select and diversified group of leading-edge Solution Providers to converge over these vital industry issues. Within a focused and professional environment, the PharmaBrand Summit will seamlessly integrate one-to-one business meetings and informal networking with leisure activities. Qualified invitation only Delegates will meet with Solution Provider representatives via pre-scheduled and tailored one-to-one business meetings.

Unique Format

The unique format offered by the PharmaBrand Summit is the best way for senior level executives to meet with peers and Solution Providers to discuss opportunities and to develop or strengthen business relationships. The Summit provides a platform for participating Delegates to gain up-to-the-minute information from presentations and case studies from within the Life Science community, and use this information in the development and revision of current strategic and operational plans within their own organisations