John Sturtevants The Writing Workshop

Venue: Any City

Location: Any City, United States

Event Date/Time: Nov 01, 2005
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Persuasive writing is an essential business skill.

John Sturtevant created The Writing Workshop basesd on a business writing course he taught for five years at Harvard Business School. He taught hundreds of MBA students how to think analytically, develop a logical argument, and communicate clearly and persuasively in writing.

Your staff will learn how to think clearly about why they are writing, what they expect to accomplish, and how to present their ideas logically and persuasively.

His on-site persuasive writing workshops include exercises, in-class assignment, 1-on-1 coaching, critiques, evaluation standards, and a 78-page workbook with notes, references, examples, and this year’s most important reading list.

On-site training at your location, for your staff. Anywhere in the nation, or around the world.


Additional Information

The Writing Workshop’s full-day or half-day on-site business writing training teaches your employees how to organize their thinking and write what they mean, without the clutter of useless words and complex sentences.