Event Date/Time: Nov 18, 2005
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MERL and Rapra Technology Limited are pleased to announce the Fifth 2-day International Conference on Oilfield Engineering with Polymers to take place in the Rutherford conference suite at the Institute of Physics in central London from 29-30 March 2006.

The Fifth International MERL Oilfield Engineering with Polymers conference, organised jointly with Rapra Technology Limited, provides a unique forum to discuss the latest developments in the selection, qualification and performance of polymeric materials. Offshore production systems rely heavily on polymeric components in critical applications: examples include packers, valve seals, flexible risers, umbilicals, export hose, flowline insulation and mooring systems. In the quest to exploit hydrocarbon reserves in increasingly remote and hostile locations, industry knowledge and understanding of polymer performance and durability needs to be continuously developed to reduce the incidence of costly intervention and to meet new challenges. In some fields, reservoir temperatures and pressures are increasing, in others (e.g., Kashagan) the high H2S content has significant ramifications for the selection of polymers for long term duty. At the same time new materials are being developed.

A number of well known polymer performance issues continue to exercise the industry: “explosive decompression” of elastomeric seals in high pressure (HP) gas service; chemical ageing of seals and liner materials in contact with chemical treatments. The conference programme reflects the interests of operators, test houses and designers in quantifying and exploiting the traits which make polymers unique, and suppliers in developing new materials and grades for oilfield applications. For many polymeric components success involves the integration of research and development, design, qualification and feed back from operational experience to inform future development.
This conference brings together operators, contractors, equipment and component suppliers, materials suppliers and research organisations involved with polymers and their use in oil & gas sector applications.


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Early Registration Offers Register before 28th January 2006 to take advantage of the special Early Bird Discount registration fee. Companies sending one or two delegates €850 + VAT @ 17.5% per delegate before 28th January 2006 €1050 + VAT @ 17.5% per delegate after 28th January 2006 Companies sending three or more delegates €750 + VAT @ 17.5% per delegate before 28th January 2006 €950 + VAT @ 17.5% per delegate after 28th January 2006 Registration includes a copy of the proceedings, meals and refreshments during the day.