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Silicone elastomers are important materials for many application areas such as automotive, electric and electronics, gaskets, domestic appliances, fabric coatings (e.g. airbags), baby bottle teats, and medical devices. They are increasingly being used to substitute for organic rubbers, because of their advantageous properties, such as high and low temperature stability, inertness (no smell or taste), low toxicity, colorability and transparency, combined with good electrical properties. The hardness range is wide, from 10-80 Shore A.

Silicones have been in use in medical applications for over 30 years because of their long-term stability and biocompatibility. High gas permeability is a positive property in many medical devices; silicones have up to 400 times the permeability of butyl rubber at room temperature. They are also used in cosmetic applications, where their colorability and sensory properties are important (a soft, skin-like touch and appearance can be achieved).

This conference aims to cover the whole range of silicone elastomers including room temperature vulcanised (RTV), high temperature vulcanised (HTV) and liquid silicone rubbers (LSR).

Silicone elastomer compounding is another topic for discussion from curing systems to colorants, reinforcing fillers and other additives. Mixing and processing of silicones varies from that of standard rubbers. Specialist equipment is available and adaptations of existing machinery.

Speciality silicones are continually being developed to meet specific application requirements. For example, standard silicone is a good electrical insulator and is used in cable coverings, but conductive silicones are now available; for example, carbon-filled silicones are being used for EMI shielding applications.

We aim to bring together researchers, manufacturers and technologists in industry and academia, with a common interest in Silicone Elastomer materials, applications and technology. This is an excellent opportunity to network with experts in this field and to keep ahead of the latest developments.


Mailänder Straße 1, D - 60598 Frankfurt

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