Sensory perception: Basic mechanisms and human diseases

Venue: Institut Pasteur

Location: 75724 Paris Cedex 15, France

Event Date/Time: Nov 25, 2005
Abstract Submission Date: Jan 18, 2006
Paper Submission Date: Feb 18, 2006
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This colloquium will be aimed at demonstrating that the neural systems share many core mechanisms of organization and function which are especially apparent at the cellular, molecular and genetic levels. Common mechanisms are also reflected in sensory pathologies. Specific disease processes that often impact multiple sensory systems will therefore be discussed.The program will focus on the major sensory systems found in human beings and other mammals. Each of the primary sensory systems contains specialized sensory neurons that transmit nerve impulses to the central nervous system. In the central nervous system, these signals are processed and combined with other information to yield a perception that may trigger a change in behavior.Thus,we will discuss how our senses allow us to detect changes in our environments and to adjust our behavior appropriately.