Event Date/Time: Jul 16, 2006
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ICNS'06, International Conference on Networking and Services
July 16-18, 2006, Silicon Valley, USA

ENCOT 2006: Emerging Network Communications and Technologies

COMAN 2006: Network Control and Management

SERVI 2006: Multi-technology service deployment and assurance

NGNUS 2006: Next Generation Networks and Ubiquitous Services

MPQSI 2006: Multi Provider QoS/SLA Internetworking

GRID 2006: Grid Networks and Services

EDNA 2006: Emergency Services and Disaster Recovery of Networks and Applications

ICAS'06, International Conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Systems
July 19-21, 2006, Silicon Valley, USA

SYSAT 2006: Advances in system automation

AUTSY 2006: Theory and practice of autonomous systems

AWARE 2006: Design and deployment of context-awareness networks, services and applications

AUTONOMIC 2006: Autonomic computing: design and management of self-behavioural networks and services

MCMAC 2006: Monitoring, control, and management of autonomous Self-aware

CASES 2006: Automation in specialized mobile environments

ALCOC 2006: Algorithms and theory for control and computation

MODEL 2006: Modeling, virtualization, any-on-demand, MDA, SOA

Summer Contest: WCTS'06, World Class Technology Summit
July 16-23, 2006, Silicon Valley, USA

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