Asymmetric Warfare 2006

Venue: TBA

Location: Washington D.C, Washington, DC, United States

Event Date/Time: Apr 03, 2006 End Date/Time: Apr 05, 2006
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Asymmetric Warfare includes operations that confer disproportionate advantage on those conducting them by using some capability the adversary cannot use, will not use, or cannot effectively defend again. This type of combat is normally dangerous to the occupying forces and very effective for the motivated defenders. Some more prevalent examples of this type of warfare would include the continuation of hostility in Iraq and Afghanistan, long after major combat operations have ceased. Suicide bombings and other improvised explosive devices have now become the way in which war is fought. Terrorism has become the extreme version of Asymmetric Warfare, something that threatens our lives and the lives of our soldiers daily.

The Asymmetric Warfare Conference will feature a focused examination of central issues surrounding the challenges of involvement in a sustained conflict namely in ‘urban’ areas. Military, government and international experts will offer their operational insights on the latest developments on technology, strategy and doctrine in the rush to protect both civilians and soldiers at home and in theater.

The critical point of this conference will be the availability of information that can be immediately used to protect coalition lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, through field reports and lessons learned. The vocalization of preemptive measures as a method to obstruct terrorist attacks before they happen, identification of the nature of our enemies and why they are fighting, insight on the needs and requirements of soldiers, training and tactics to protect and defend against the asymmetric threat, will be topics of interest to various government, military and military industrial complex vendors.


Washington, DC
United States

Additional Information

Pre Conference Workshops Attendees will benefit from interactive workshops, which will discuss the use of non-lethal technology in countering terrorism. Open debates and discussions will be held surrounding the issues of the identification of friendly forces and the minimization of casualties on the battlefield by using non-lethal technology. Attendees will participate in the identification of the best and most effective forms of non-lethal technology that can be used to combat asymmetric type threats. Training and preparation are two of the most important aspects of ensuring the protection of the lives of our soldiers. Simulation training provides the best form of training when dealing with Asymmetric type warfare. Attendees will benefit from demonstrations and in-depth discussions on the incorporation of technology from the industry into the training simulations used by soldiers.