European Spectrum Management Conference 2006 (Spectrum Management)

Venue: Le Chatelain All Suite Hotel

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Event Date/Time: Mar 29, 2006 End Date/Time: Mar 30, 2006
Registration Date: Mar 29, 2006
Early Registration Date: Feb 21, 2006
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Bringing together top-level speakers from industry, politics and academia in both Europe and beyond, The European Spectrum Management Conference offers stakeholders the opportunity to take the debate surrounding this topic to the next, crucial level. It will seek to move on from early discussions surrounding market-based approaches and the processes involved in getting liberalisation off the ground, to really addressing the detailed issues that need to be settled before the implementation of a new system can become a reality.

Radio Spectrum has always been a vitally important resource for many essential services, but with rapid technological developments, it is now becoming even more so than ever before. Unfortunately, whilst technology evolves at an ever-increasing rate, models for managing and regulating spectrum usage have failed to keep apace with this dynamic environment, and we are now at the stage where the traditional model is at risk of hindering the innovation and competitiveness of European markets.

With this in mind, the Commission are putting into action plans to develop a market-based model for spectrum management, which will allow users far more freedom in deciding spectrum usage. In addition, by 2010, they plan to have in place a pan-European market for trading in spectrum licences, which will free up more of existing bandwidth and ensure more companies can use it. Given that conservative estimates gauge that the use of radio spectrum accounts for between one and two percent of the EU's gross domestic product, freeing up spectrum could generate additional revenue of up to €9 billion a year, which in turn would provide a massive boast to the whole continent by stimulating growth, competitiveness and employment.

Before reaching this new liberalised regime however, there are a number of important issues that need to be resolved. This conference will look to address these issues, and then look beyond this transition phase towards the future, and the challenges and opportunities that working within the new framework will bring.

Day 1 will begin by looking at the current situation and specifically at some of the issues to be considered when looking at the future of spectrum management in Europe. It will then move on to examine specific change factors that are likely to affect the future shape of spectrum usage, before finishing with a panel discussion focussed on assessing the future demand of radio spectrum in Europe and the dangers and opportunities to businesses that will be created.

Day 2 will start by looking at some of the challenges raised by the transition to a new model of spectrum management, and we will hear from representatives from countries that have already begun the implementation of a market based system, as they share their experiences both relating to the transition phase and beyond.

The final session will bring the event to a conclusion by placing the findings from the first three sessions into a European context, and looking more specifically at creating an EU strategy for the future of spectrum management and developing a model for the regulation of a liberalised system.

In order to ensure maximum value for delegates, Prof Gérard Pogorel, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications has been appointed as a conference rapporteur for the event. He will compile a post-event report analysing the major findings and conclusions from the discussions over the 2 days, and this report will then be circulated to all attendees on CD-ROM post event.

The event is designed to be highly interactive, with a large emphasis afforded to discussion based sessions and opportunities for audience participation. This is your chance to get one step ahead of your competitors and discover exactly how your business is going to be affected by the new liberalised regime of spectrum trading.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Rue de Chatelain

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