Charrette Planner Certification and Public Meeting Facilitator Certification

Venue: Alexandria

Location: Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Event Date/Time: May 08, 2006
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Through its Academy for the New Urbanism, Virginia Tech is pleased to partner with the National Charrette Institute to provide the NCI Charrette Planner Certification (TM) series of courses. These three courses address the planning, facilitation and organization of outcomes of complex meetings engaging multiple stakeholders. These are critical skills for public planners, architects and other professionals who rely upon public participation and/ or the input of diverse groups.

Any callers with content should be directed to Bill Lennertz, Director of NCI at or 503-233-8486

Quoting from the NCI Mission: We teach professionals and community leaders the art and science of Dynamic Planning, a holistic, collaborative planning process that harnesses the talents and energies of all interested parties to create and support a feasible plan.

The entire series consists of the Introduction, Dynamic Planning, and Public Meeting Facilitator Certificate courses. The combination provides a solid foundation of essential skills.

The registration fees for the course(s) are as follows:
Course 1: Introduction to Dynamic Planning: $125/person
Course 2: NCI Charrette Planner Certification Training: $695/person
Course 3: NCI Public Meeting Facilitator Certification Training: $695
Course 1 + Course 2: $745/person
Course 1 + Course 3: $745/person
Course 1 + Course 2 + Course 3: $1,350/person