US Pensions & Investments Summit (USPensions2006)

Venue: The Ritz Carlton Hotel

Location: Amelia Island, Florida, United States

Event Date/Time: Feb 12, 2006 End Date/Time: Feb 14, 2006
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An aging baby-boomer population, more women in the workforce and greater life expectancy are putting tremendous pressure on the pension community – Pressures which are being exacerbated by declining long-term interest rates, the fluctuating US dollar, smaller workforce contributions and an unsteady economy. It is becoming increasingly expensive for employers to cover their pension obligations, with some already reducing promised benefits for future members. The need for informed discussion and strategic planning is at an all time high.

The time of an investment executive is precious – oftentimes split between portfolio development, investment process management, board communications and the constant quest for selecting the best mix of asset management partners to ensure ongoing returns. At the US Pensions and Investments Summit, delegates have the opportunity to attend a full agenda of informed conference sessions as well as meet one on one with executives from some of the industry’s leading asset management firms enabling them to conquer weeks of analysis within a robust three-day gathering.

Rationale – Why The Summit Will Succeed:
1. A Pensions Summit is always going to be successful.
2. This is the only Summit we do where the meetings are just as much of a draw to the delegates as they are to the SPs – reviewing investment options is WHAT THEY DO
3. The Conference is the ‘hook’ to get them there – the meetings are what will keep them coming back.
4. SPs want to see the same delegates year after year making rebooking a priority… - in fact, it is more important to be diversifying the SP base from year to year than the Delegate Base.

In a strong market/economy with high consumer confidence, Chief Investment Officers look to diversify portfolios with more risky investments for the potential of quicker, higher returns and so are looking to the SP Community.

In a weak market/economy, fearful Chief Investment Officers look to remove risk from their portfolios and retool towards less risky, albeit lower return portfolios. In most cases, they are always shopping the SP market to ensure they have the best Asset Managers – And in extreme cases, they may lay blame for poor performance at the feet of their existing Asset Management companies and be in the market for completely new representation.

At all times, the job of the Chief Investment Officer is as steady and reliable as the stock market – not at all. Many CIOs work with multiple AMs and all CIOs are constantly on the lookout for new input. It is the essence of their positions.

Current Pensions Landscape Factors
· Increasing requirements – growing number of retirees on the horizon
· The very large baby-boomer generation is getting older greatly increasing the future number of pension plans needed
· More women are working now adding even more future retirees to the mix

Decreasing influx of revenue
· The post-baby-boomer generations are far smaller, with less people in the workplace contributing to pension plans
· Women having children much later in life which is causing a dramatically slowing pace and number of people entering into the workforce to contribute to pension funds

Economy and stock market shifts
· The stock market has not been seeing the returns of pre-2000 for quite some time, creating deficit and uncertainty in the market
· A decreasing US dollar value has seen previous investments devalued

Future Outcomes
· There will be a continued public desire to allocate more funds to pension plans
· A growing retiree population is becoming far more aware, concerned and vocal about ensuring their future security
· Shifting market conditions has people looking for alternative areas of investment, both high and low risk, fearful of relying on previously secure investment areas

Right now we have one of the best case scenarios for a summit. There are weak, yet strengthening, and ultimately ridiculously uncertain market conditions.

Key Themes To Be Addressed:
· Historical analysis of performance of stocks, bonds, real estate
· Trends and performance results in global equity investments
· In-house vs. external money manager strategies
· Looking to mid-cap in search of alpha
· Strategies for raising pension contributions without raising wages
· Trends in international real estate investments
· From stocks to bonds – what are the current trends? What are the safest bets?
· Portfolio diversification, construction and management strategies
· Searching for alpha
· Statistics: Analysis of hedge fund performance to date
· DC – Limiting frequent trading
· Pension fund performance measurement
· Analyzing operational and political risk
· Proven and proactive strategies for diversifying with alternative portfolios
· Economic analysis and outlooks in foreign markets
· New paradigms in defined benefits fund management
· Risk mitigation in corporate pension fund management
· Interactive round table discussions delving into specific asset classes including

· Commodities· Currency Overlay· Derivatives· Domestic & foreign equities· Fixed Income · Fund of Funds · Hedge Funds· Insurers· Mutual Funds· Private Equity· Foreign and domestic real estate · Venture Capital


Strive to be developing the most successful investment portfolios at all times
Hear industry visionaries give their past analysis and future predictions on successful investment trends

Constantly explore all possible options for investment diversification
Explore the growing universe of investment strategies and options through targeted business meetings with some of the industry’s most innovative money managers

Always be aware of what strategies are working (and not) within the industry
Hear best of breed sessions looking into successful strategies being implemented across the US

Seek external input to ensure you are making the most informed decisions
Delegates attend formal and informal networking events throughout the entire Summit

Never become too mired in day-to-day business to forsake any of the above


4750 Amelia Island Pkwy
United States

Additional Information

Target market: Primary: Top 500 Plans Secondary: Plans above $500 Million · Chief Investment Officers · Managing Directors (MDs) Pensions · Vice Presidents/Directors of Pensions · Vice Presidents/Directors of Investments · Presidents/CEOs · Trustees/Fund Directors · CFOs · Treasurers