MASTERING THE REQUIREMENTS PROCESS: Build the Right Software – First Time

Venue: Jurys Clifton Ford Hotel

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Feb 20, 2006 End Date/Time: Feb 22, 2006
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Is the next system you build one that the users will look back after years of happy use and thank you for... or will you look back after years of heavy maintenance and wonder why it happened to you?

Why Requirements – What’s in it for You?
People use software, but other people build that software. There’s the problem. Solving it means understanding the actual work of the business users, and what they need to do it. It does not mean finding a quick fix for a perceived problem. It does mean deducing the product that adds long-term value to the organisation, and then writing requirements that lock the developers in to that exact product. Any omissions or ambiguities mean going back to step one.

Getting it Right the First Time
Building software today means knowing there are more demands than ever, and fewer resources to meet those demands. Getting the software right - the first time - is the only way to succeed under these circumstances. Today's requirements process is incremental with quick cycle times. It uses prototypes and scenarios, and it ensures that you get the right result by writing a fit criterion - a test case for the requirement.

Your Requirements
Requirements are the most misunderstood part of systems development, but also the most crucial. Get the requirements wrong and you get the wrong system. Your requirements process must be your own, but it should be based on field-proven techniques and templates. In this course, you are shown the Volere process - used and improved by thousands of organisations around the world - and how you make it your own process. You also receive the Volere Requirements Specification Template - downloaded by over 13,000 users - to take home with you along with advice on how to make this your own template.