2nd Annual International Summit on Redesigning Hospital Care

Venue: Atlanta Hyatt Regency Hotel

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Event Date/Time: Jun 12, 2006 End Date/Time: Jun 14, 2006
Early Registration Date: Apr 08, 2006
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The General Conference sessions are based on six focus areas or "tracks." These include:

Process: The voice of the workings of the system: Are the parts and steps in the system performing as planned? This track will provide strategies for measuring and improving processes that cut across a hospital’s continuum of care and affect multiple departments, efficiency and patient outcomes. It will highlight a combination of proven approaches plus new, cutting edge ideas from innovative faculty.

Outcome: The voice of the customer or patient: How is the system performing? What is the result? This track will address the top issues affecting patient outcomes and mortality; learn about proven strategies to improve these high risk areas, which will save lives (or decrease mortality)

Leadership: How can you lead improvement in your department? This track will help identify what tasks leaders must be undertaking if they are to accelerate improvement, and how you can do those leadership tasks. It will emphasize the role of leadership in driving safety and quality, integrating into other strategic priorities, where leaders should be headed.

Culture: How do you work with your colleagues? This will offer practical approaches for changing the culture through improved communication and training in human factors, strategies that support team work, creating an environment that supports safety and quality.

Workforce: This track will address the key issues affecting the front line staff and how to approach change in a way that supports and helps retain valuable staff; designing improvement and ensuring staff development and satisfaction simultaneously.

Space and Structure: How is the work and workplace organized? This track will focus on the underlying support structures of how the work gets done and the design of the physical workspace to support quality and safety efforts.


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Additional Information

The 2nd Annual International Summit on Redesigning Hospital Care will be a world-class conference featuring the best ideas and faculty on areas that are ripe for improvement within the hospital setting. Our Exhibition and Sponsorship opportunities provide a variety of options for your organization to interact with participants.