First International Conference on Sustainable Irrigation Management, Technologies and Policies (SUSTAINABLE IRRIGATI)

Venue: The Royal Hotel Carlton

Location: Bologna, Italy

Event Date/Time: Sep 05, 2006 End Date/Time: Sep 07, 2006
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Fresh water is becoming an ever increasingly precious commodity, control of which could lead in the near future to the type of political instability now associated with energy shortages.

As the standard of living of a large section of the world population continues to increase, the strategic importance of fresh water resources also rises. It is essential to seek ways of achieving the most effi cient and equitable use of these resources at the same time as making their use sustainable.

Even in those countries where fresh water is currently easily available, our exploitation is leading to damaging long lasting environmental effects, such as lowering of water tables or depletion of river fl ows. Adding to these effects, the problem of contamination effectively reduces the availability of sufficiently clean water.

Water is essential for irrigation purposes, but its indiscriminate use can lead not only to shortages, but also to the deterioration of crop yields and soils. It is
hence vital to ensure that it is applied as effectively as possible in order to reach sustainability.

This conference seeks to address the different aspects of irrigation, including not only the management of water resources and scientifi c and technical aspects, but also matters related to policy and economics.

The conference aims to attract researchers in academia and industry as well as professional practitioners and policy makers to review the state of the art from the scientific, technological, political and economic points of view. Its objective is also to discuss how to reach the sustainable management of irrigation resources in the future by applying modern simulation methods, advanced and new technologies as well as analysing different policies and economic forecasting techniques.


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