Creating Long-Term Value in TV

Venue: Central London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Mar 03, 2006
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These are exciting times for Indies with the sector more profitable and dynamic than ever before. But whilst there are undeniably huge opportunities, there are also threats and grey areas. In particular, the issue of new media rights which has come to prominence as a result of new online and digital recording technology that allows catch-up viewing and other on-demand services. This threatens the old definition of primary rights, and broadcasters are looking to protect their investment.

This event will re-visit the thorny topic of rights, with perspectives from all the leading protagonists. Are programmes turning up too quickly on multichannel for primary rights owners to get their originally perceived value? It will also cover opportunities in distribution and tertiary rights, and address issues around mergers, takeovers, investment and stock market flotation.

What value can now be ascribed to primary, secondary and tertiary rights

Content is now available on multiple platforms. How does this affect the rights battle?

How Indies can maximise profits through ancillary revenues and selling to international markets

Winning business strategies for long-term sustainable success