Eight International Conferece on Marine Sciences and Technologies BLACK SEA-2006 (Black Sea'2006)

Venue: Festival and Congress Centre - Varna

Location: Varna (9000), Bulgaria

Event Date/Time: Sep 25, 2006 End Date/Time: Sep 27, 2006
Registration Date: Apr 30, 2006
Early Registration Date: Mar 31, 2006
Abstract Submission Date: Mar 31, 2006
Paper Submission Date: Jun 30, 2006
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Main Topics of the Conference:

(1) Shipbuilding and shiprepair
(2) Marine engineering
(3) Water transport and port operation
(4) Oceanology and environment protection
(5) Marine education and qualification
(6) Maritime safety


Prof. Dr. Sc. Petar Kolev, Scientific and Technical Unions - Varna

Prof. Dr. Sc. Mikhail Serafimov, President of the Board of Scientific and Technical Unions - Varna
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stefan Barudov – Rector of Technical University - Varna
Capt. Eng. Stanko Stankov, Head of “N. Vaptsarov” Naval Academy - Varna
Dr. Nikola Dukov, Executive Director of Black Sea Technology Company, PLC – Varna
Eng. Fridrih Kattser, Executive Director of BULYARD – Shipbuilding industry, PLC – Varna
Dr. Kostadin Yossifov, Director of Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics Centre - Varna,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Dr. Hristo Slabakov, Director of Institute of Oceanology – Varna
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Prof. Dr. Peicho Tomov, “N. Vaptsarov” Naval Academy - Varna
Capt. Eng. Peicho Manolov, Port Administration Executive Agency – Ministry of Transport
Capt. Ventsislav Ivanov, Maritime Administration Executive Agency – Ministry of Transport
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Ivan Ivanov, Technical Uuniversity – Varna
Capt. Eng. Hristo Donev, Navigation Maritime Bulgare
Eng. Danail Papazov, Port of Varna
Dr. Kosta Donev, Port of Varna
Dr. Petar Hadzhimikhalev, Black Sea Technology Company, PLC – Varna
Ignat Traykov, Rousse Shipyard J.S.Co
Capt. Hristo Hristov – “H.H. Brothers” Ltd. -Varna
Eng. Daniel Stefanov – “AHILLEOS Shipping” Ltd. - Varna
Capt. Plamen Prodanov – “COSMOS Shipping” J.S.Co - Varna
Capt. Georgi Bonin – “Bon Marine” J.S.Co - Varna
Capt. Eng.-Econ.Venelin Todorov, Bourgas Maritime Association
Capt. Lyubomir Genov, Bulgarian Shipowners Association
Eng. Nedyalko Panev, ODESSOS Shiprepair Yard, J.S.Co – Varna
Eng. Ivan Daskalov, Ship Machine-building , J.S.Co – Varna
Eng. Georgi Petrov, Bulgarian Maritime Training Centre - Varna
Eng. Svetlin Stoyanov, “Marine Technology Group – Dolphin 1” J.S.Co – Varna
Econ. Dimitar Kimryanov, Bourgas Shipyards, J.S.Co
Eng. Lyudmil Stoev, “Keppel FELS Baltech” Ltd. - Varna
Eng. Roumen Nestorov, Bulgarian Maritime Chamber – Varna
Dr. Ivan Karaatanassov, Bulgarian Register of Shipping
Capt. Yordan Dinchev, Germanishe Lloyd –Bulgaria, Varna office
Eng. Krum Ganchev, Lloyd’s Register –Varna office
Eng. Mikhail Valkov, Bureau Veritas – Varna office

Scientific secretaries:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haralan Haralanov, Technical University - Varna
Dr. Stefan Kyulevcheliev, BAS - Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics Centre - Varna

Organization Secretary:
Eng. Yordan Slavov, Scientific and Technical Unions – Varna

* * *

Prof. Dr. Carlos Guedes Soares, Technical University of Lisboa, Portugal
Prof. Dr. Pentscho Pentschew, University of Rostock, Germany
Prof. Dr. Matias Pashen, University of Rostock, Germany
Prof. Dr. Y. Vorabyov, Odessa Marine Engineering University, Ukraine
Prof. Dr. Vitaliy Kozlliakov, Odessa Marine Engineering University, Ukraine
Prof. Dr. Genadiy Demeshko, Sankt Peterburg Maritime University, Russia
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Insel, Instanbul Technical University, Turkey
Prof. Dr. Leonard Domnisoru, “Dunarea de Jos”, University of Galati, Romania
Prof. Dr. Ionel Chirica, Dunarea de Jos”, University of Galati, Romania
Prof. Dr. Mammut Edem, Ovidius University, Romania
Prof. Dr. Boshidar Metschkow, INFERT, Germany
Prof. Dr. Vedran Zanic, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Prof. Dr. H.W. Leheta, Alexandria University, Egypt
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rima Mickeviciene, Klaipeda University, Litva
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ismail Hakki Helvacioglu,Technical University Istanbul , Turkey
Dr. Frank Roland, Managing Director, Center of Maritime Technologies e.V., Germany
Dr. Yordan Garbatov, Technical University of Lisboa, Portugal
Dr. Egil Rensvik, MARINTEK, Norway
Dr. Dang Van Hung, Maritime Computer Center, Vietnam
Dr. Eugen Rusu, NATO center, Italy
Dr. Joanna Wierzylo, Ship Design and Research Center, Poland

* * *
Important deadlines:
Submission of application forms including Abstracts: March 31, 2006
Acceptante Notification: May 15, 2006
Paper Submission: June 30, 2006

The Conference language will be English.

Conference Location
The Conference will be held at the Festival and Congress Centre of Varna.

Procedure for Attending the Conference
Everyone interested in the fields mentioned above can take part in the Conference.
Abstracts of up to 150 words are invited before March 31, 2006. If sent by E-mail (which is strongly recommended), please include the abstract within the E-mail message, not as E-mail attachment.

The participation fee:

 240 EURO, which includes Proceedings, Coffee and Conference Cocktail.
 120 EURO – for post graduate students;
 Late payments after June 30, 2006 shall be charged with extra 10%. Participants wishing to receive an invoice should fill-in relevant section (topic) in Application Form.

* * *
Authors’ Instructions

Papers must be written in English using MS Word version 6.0 or higher. The Conference Proceedings will be prepared from camera-ready manuscripts, including halftone black & white photos. There will be no opportunity for corrections after submission. The responsibility for the appearance of the paper and all the costs for the preparation of manuscripts remain with the author.
Papers must be submitted both as camera-ready copy and a PC 3.5” diskette. Print out in black on A4 sheets (one side only).

Length: Each paper should not exceed 6 pages set in two columns, with 6 mm between columns, except for the abstract, which should be printed in one column format.

Margins: Left 20 mm; Right 20 mm; Top 20 mm; Bottom 20 mm.

Typeface and Type size:

Times New Roman 12 - for text
Times New Roman 12 - for chapter and paragraph
Times New Roman 14 - for title
Times New Roman 8 - for footnotes.

Line spacing: Single

Page numbering: Do not number pages. Please write down page numbers and author’s name in blue pencil on the back of each sheet.

Footnotes: Footnotes are designated by superscript numbers and are numbered in consecutive order.

Equations: Number the equations in sequence from equation (1) to the end of the paper, including appendices, if any. Enclose the equation numbers in parentheses and place them flush with the right hand margin of the column.

Tables: Tables should be positioned within one column. Tables with larger amount of information may be extended across two columns. Type size should not be lesser than Times New Roman 8.

Bibliographical references: List and number all bibliographical references at the end of the paper. When referring to them in the text, type the corresponding number in parentheses. References should be in sequence.



The Eight International Conference on Marine Science and Technology - Black Sea’2006 will be followed by a ENCOMAR TRANSPORT workshop, which will be held in the Festival and Congress Centre - Varna, Bulgaria on September 27th, 2006.


Address for Correspondence:

BLACK SEA - 2006 Secretariat

25, “Tzar Simeon I” Str.
9000 Varna, BULGARIA

Phone: ++ 359 52/ 630 531, 630 535
Fax: ++ 359 52/ 630 533
E-mail: nts@nts.varna.net
URL: www.nts.tea.bg
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