csr06 - The National Integrated Conference on CSR - INVESTING IN THE FUTURE (csr'06)

Venue: JW Marriot Grand Hotel Bucharest

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Event Date/Time: Apr 04, 2006 End Date/Time: Apr 05, 2006
Registration Date: Mar 25, 2006
Early Registration Date: Mar 15, 2006
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During the past several years, global companies have gained awareness of the complex and evolving economic, environmental and social expectations of their stakeholders. While many companies have started to tackle this new set of requirements by modifying their mission statements, business policies and workplace practices, leadership companies continue to wrestle with the challenge of integrating CSR into their overall business operation. Executives increasingly recognize that by embedding CSR, they can best capitalize on opportunities and manage future risks in all their policies and practices, including budgeting, product and service development, supply chain relationships, stakeholder engagement and internal and external communications.

Companies that successfully integrate CSR within all areas of their business stand to gain financial and social benefits through the identification of new business opportunities, the strengthening of their brands and corporate reputation, the attraction and retention of top employees, and recognition as a trusted partner. Successful CSR integration also creates a climate that can enhance public acceptance and support.

At the same time, businesses that approach CSR integration without rigor, discipline, strategy and wisdom can find themselves at a disadvantage. Companies that raise false expectations, discount the complexities of operating in the global economy, neglect to ensure that resources are wisely deployed, or fail to act in a consistent manner may find themselves paying a price that is both great and disruptive to their business.



managing CSR issues is one of the principal challenges for contemporary business.
it helps you to make the change from a business perspective
it enhances brand & corporate reputation
it will significantly influence a company's capacity to create value for shareholders and society
in today's business climate consumers have come to expect that products/companies they support are helping the community in some way
attracte and retain top employees and position the company as employer of choice

Come and see how!
Come and benchmark!
Come and identify best practices!
Come and find solutions and constructive
action steps you can take


Calea 13 Septembrie 90