The 3rd China (Shanghai) International Excellent Coffee & Tea Exhibition 2006 (Excellent Coffee & T)

Venue: shanghai mart

Location: shanghai, China

Event Date/Time: Aug 17, 2006 End Date/Time: Aug 19, 2006
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Event Background
The Development of Coffee Industry and Image of Cosmopolis --- Shanghai is a world-class cosmopolis. Now there are about 35000 foreign-invested enterprises, 100,000 foreigners and 400,000 Taiwanese residing in Shanghai. According to statistics by relevant authorities, 4 million people/times from overseas enter Shanghai every year. If everyone drinks three cups of coffee, the total annual coffee consumption in Shanghai reaches 12 million cups. Besides, over 2000 international conferences and exhibitions are held in Shanghai every year. In 340 star-class hotels, foreign guests account for 50-60%. Coffee consumption by foreigners accounts for 30% of all Shanghai caf¨¦s. Therefore, all-out development of the coffee industry complies with the image of international commercialization of Shanghai as a cosmopolis. Meanwhile, Shanghai¡¯s GDP per capita approaches US$5000. Diners-out account for 18.6% of consumers, which is higher than national average. White-collar and college students in Shanghai like to go to caf¨¦, and middle-agers and youngsters have become the main coffee consumer group. Fashionable life of modern people embodies the vigor of Shanghai as a cosmopolis.

The World Expo Invigorates Shanghai Coffee Industry --- In foreign countries, caf¨¦ is an essential facility for the World Expo. As analyzed by experts, during the World Expo Shanghai 2010, at least 40,000 cups of coffee will be consumed every day. The demand will still exceed the supply even if 10-20 more caf¨¦s are set up. For this reason, during the World Expo, caf¨¦s of various styles are to be opened so that visitors to the World Expo could be ushered in time to the caf¨¦s they like to experience the oriental city¡¯s life. Caf¨¦ will become one of the highlights of the World Expo Shanghai 2010.

Tea, One of Most Popular Non-alcoholic Drinks Worldwide --- In the 21st century when nature and health are much in vogue, tea drinks will become the mainstream of the world drinks market and tea culture will be accepted by more and more people. In recent years, China¡¯s tea industry has also received high attention from government and relevant administrative departments and various tea-producing regions. Tea economy has been taken as one of the key projects for restructuring of agricultural industrialization. Industrial adjustment has been enhanced, and industry regulations are gradually perfected so as to develop the Chinese tea culture. Since China¡¯s entry into WTO, the Chinese tea circle has been engaged in the world tea trade with more active attitude. Tea export quantity and amount have kept growing. In 2004, the exported tea reached 280,000 tons, increasing by 27% compared with that in 2000 before China¡¯s entry into WTO. The export created foreign exchange of US$437 million. Meanwhile, with the improvement of the people¡¯s living standard in China, the consumption demand for high-end black tea began to grow. In 2004, imported tea was over 2300 tons at an amount of over US$60 million. The Chinese tea industry provides tea sources with high quality and reasonable prices for other countries. China also provides a growing and open market for other tea-producing countries.

Shanghai, Tea-drinking Custom is on the Rise while the Consumption Structure is Constantly Upgraded --- Last year, tea sales of domestic market exceeded RMB5 billion yuan, the Chinese tea industry has become an eye-catching emerging industry. Per capita tea consumption in Shanghai has increased from 200 grams per year to 800 grams now. Shanghai¡¯s total tea consumption exceeded 10 million kg, with a four-fold increase over ten years ago. This is by far higher than the average level of China. Tea-drinking custom is on the rise. Fast-expanding tea consumption pushes energetically tea trade and makes Shanghai the biggest tea merchandising and consumption center in the East-China area, thus attracting tea businessmen all over the world to flock in to seize business opportunities. According to the relevant survey, tea distribution network outlets in Shanghai have been expended from over 900 in the past to over 6000 now. Various tea art houses, tea buildings and tea shops exceeded 3000 in number. Tea-culture-related products are penetrating into home life and constitute a bright social scenery.

In order to develop the Chinese coffee industry, promote China¡¯s tea culture, and strengthen technical exchanges and trade cooperation between the Chinese coffee and tea industry and international counterparts, and to serve the World Expo Shanghai 2010, ¡°The 3rd China (Shanghai) International Excellent Coffee & Tea Exhibition 2006¡± sponsored by China Europe Association for Economic and Technical Cooperation, Shanghai Shengding Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd., Shanghai International Merchandising Center Co., Ltd. and undertaken by Shanghai Derui Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Highlights Business Management Consulting Co., Ltd. will be held at Shanghai Mart, P. R. China on August 17-19, 2006. During the exhibition, the Organizers will invite the industry chambers of commerce, trade groups, related enterprises at home and abroad, and industry senior personages, experts, as well as coffee and tea distributors, purchasers, coffee and tea culture lovers to come to exhibit and visit the exhibition. Besides, we will invite authoritative celebrities all over the world to deliver key-note lectures and speeches on the development of the coffee industry and we will hold rich and colorful tea art performances and other activities. We hereby welcome industry professionals, and coffee and tea culture lovers to participate actively!

Schedule & Venue:
1) Show Dates

Registration & Move-in: August 15-16, 2006

Show time: August 17-19, 2006

Opening Ceremony: August 17, 2006 (a.m.)

Move-out: August 19, 2006 (p.m.)

2) Venue

Shanghai Mart Address: 99 Xingyi Road/2299 Yan¡¯an Road West, Shanghai, P. R. China

Approver: Ministry of Commerce of the People¡¯s Republic of China

Sponsors: China Europe Association for Economic and Technical Cooperation

Shanghai Shengding Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.

Shanghai International Merchandising Center Co., Ltd.

Undertakers: Shanghai Derui Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Highlights Business Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

Promotional Website:

Supporters: International Coffee Organization (ICO)

Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA)

Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE)

AustralAsian Specialty Coffee Association (AASCA)

Eastern African Fine Coffees Association (EAFCA)

Vietnam Coffee and Cocoa Association (VICOFA)

Yunnan Simao Prefecture Coffee Industry Association

Scope of Exhibits:
1) Coffees: Coffee materials and products; coffee utensils and equipment; coffee processing and
production equipment and technology; franchise chain stores and specialty stores.

2) Teas: Various local teas, flower and fruit teas, tea products; tea sets, tea equipment and tea
packages; tea house franchising operation, franchise chain stores; tea arts, tea art
performance, tea art training institutes; new technology and new techniques for tea planting
and tea making; root carvings, pottery arts, calligraphy and paintings, etc.

Participation Procedures:
Fill out and seal the Application Form according to the requirement, then submit it by fax or
mail to the Organizing Committee.

Please make the participation fee payable by telegraphic transfer or account transfer to the
official account designated by the Organizing Committee within 7 working days after

Upon receipt of the participation fee, the Organizing Committee will send a letter of
conformation to the exhibitor. When all the payment is settled, the Organizing Committee will
send a copy of Exhibitor¡¯s Registration Manual to the exhibitor, which includes participation
notification, hotel accommodations, exhibits transportation, etc. In case the exhibitor
withdraws from the exhibition halfway, the participation fees shall not be refunded.

Participation Fees:
1) Standard Booths: [Specification: (3m¡Á 3m) 9 sq.m. A 20% surcharge will be levied for
selected booths.]

Domestic enterprises: RMB 13,000/Booth/Expo

Overseas enterprises: USD 2,200/Booth/Expo

Each standard booth consists of a show area, 2.5m high partitions, 1 negotiation table, 2
chairs, booth lighting, and fascia board.

2) Raw Space: (Min. 36 sq.m.)

Domestic enterprises: RMB 1,200/Sq.m./Expo

Overseas enterprises: USD 200/Sq.m./Expo

Each raw space consists of a show area, security and booth cleaning services.

The layout of booths is determined by the Organizing Committee based on the following
principles: types of booths (standard or special decoration), quantity of booths reserved;
industry involved, content of products and services, sequence of application and payment, and
other related factors.

3) Advertising in the Show Catalogue:

Page Price(RMB) Page Price(RMB) Page Price(RMB)
Text full page
2,000 Fly page 7,000 Inside back 8,000

inside page
3,000 Inside front 10,000 Front cover 15,000
Colored inside page 6,000 Back cover 12,000 Double colored page spread 18,000

4) Other Advertisements:

Invitation cards: RMB 10,000 yuan/10,000 pcs.

Admission tickets: RMB 4,800 yuan/10,000 pcs.

Outdoor balloons: RMB 2,500 yuan/Day

Badges: RMB 15,000 yuan/10,000 pcs.

Material bags: RMB 5,000 yuan/1,000 pcs.

Banners: RMB 4,000 yuan/Expo

Inflated arches: RMB 2,500 yuan/Day

Conference room: RMB4,000 yuan/45 min.

Liaison Office for Overseas Exhibitors/Visitors:

Address: Rm.902, No. 26, Lane 288, Tianshan Road, Changning District, Shanghai, 200336, P. R. China

Contact Person: Mr. Alex Chen

Mobile: 86-13818028583 (English Speaking)

Telephone: 0086-21-62918082

Fax: 0086-21-62918125