The 3rd International Automatic Vending Systems & Equipment Exhibition 2006

Venue: shanghai mart

Location: shanghai, China

Event Date/Time: Jul 20, 2006 End Date/Time: Jul 22, 2006
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The 3rd International Automatic Vending Systems & Equipment Exhibition 2006


Show Time: July 20-22, 2006


Venue: Shanghai Mart

(99 Xingyi Road, Shanghai, P. R. China)

Event Background:
Last exhibition has attracted renowned exhibitors from USA, Italy, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Singapore as well as China Hong Kong and Taiwan, and other countries and regions. This exhibition covered a total area of 3000m2, among which 1,000 m2 net area is occupied by overseas exhibitors. This exhibition was only open to professional visitors, which reached up to nearly 6000 person/time. The exhibition lasted 3 days and achieved perfect exhibition result. The exhibitors¡¯ brands include: FUJI BINGSHAN, MEI, CONLUX, CASHCODE, DIXIE-NARCO, VENDO, AUCMA, NECTA, JCM, ICT, COINCO, VTI, BAIXUE, KOREAN JINGYANG, NANKAI, TIMES ELECTRONICS, HUAXIN, WIN INDUSTRY, MANEA, etc. In addition, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestl¨¦, President, Danone, Beverage Japan Co., Ltd., Metro Operation Corp., China Post, French delegation, British delegation, Italian delegation, and vending operators and industry associations from USA, Middle East, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, etc. visited the exhibition.

On the basis of successful holding of last two events, we will re-integrate advantageous resources from all aspects to forge an entirely-new, large-scaled and top popular gala event.

We are committed to the Chinese top-level automatic vending exhibition. Trust us and join us!

Show time: July 20-22, 2006

Move-in: July 18-19, 2006

Move-out: July 22, 2006 (p.m.)

Venue: Shanghai Mart (99 Xingyi Road, Shanghai, P. R. China)

Event cycle: Once a year

Market scope: International

Estimated scale: 4,000 sq. m.

Estimated visitors: 20,000 person/time

Approver: Ministry of Commerce of the People¡¯s Republic
Sponsors: All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce
China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association (CFPMA)
Food Automatic Vending Machine Professional Committee
China Tongyuan Corp.
Undertakers: Shanghai Tiansheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Highlights Business Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

Supporters: Worldwide Vending Association (WVA)

National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA)

The European Vending Association (EVA)

Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association (JVMMA)

The Vending Corporation

Exhibition Objective:
1. An effective trading and commercial platform will be built up for exhibitors, and traders and
industry professionals.
2. Latest information and development trend about automatic vending systems and equipment
will be provided for the public to enhance their knowledge about this industry.
3. Exhibitors will be provided with a prime opportunity of demonstrating products and
investigating the market. A knowledge platform will be provided for traders and buyers.
4. Cooperation relationship and contacts will be established between exhibitors and visitors
and buyers from local regions.
5. Exhibitors will take full advantage of this exhibition to explore distribution channels and find
operators and agents.

Technical Seminars
Each seminar is limited within 2 hours and charged RMB 6,000.00 yuan. Please send the
synopsis of seminar content to the Organizer in advance.

Scope of Exhibits
¡ï Comprehensive automatic vending systems; vending machines for beverage, food, and

coffee; vending machines for medicines, condoms, cigarettes, and newspapers; network

vending machines;

¡ï Automatic systems for cards, tickets, and money exchanges; ATM banking systems;

complete automatic vending shops; electronic multimedia purchasing terminals; IC card

vending machines;

¡ï Coin-operated game machines (non-gambling); coin-operated drinking machines, washing

machines and public facilities;

¡ï Digital video self-service systems; coins and notes identification systems; parts and

components of automatic vending machines and related accessories;

¡ï Automatic vending operators and service companies; related media, magazines and

Participation Fees:
¡ï 9m2 Standard Booth: (Note: A 20% surcharge will be levied for reservation of a booth
with 2 facades.)

Domestic Enterprises: RMB 11000.00yuan/Booth/Expo

Joint-venture enterprises: RMB 13000.00yuan/Booth/Expo

Foreign-invested enterprises: USD 2500.00/Booth/Expo

Each standard booth consists of 3-sided partitions, fascia board with company name, 1
desk and 2 chairs, 2 spotlights, 1 220V/5A power socket, fully floored carpet, 24-hour
cleaning and security.

¡ï Indoor Raw Space: (Note: Each raw space shall be rented with minimum 36 sq.m.,
only a show space without any other facilities.)

Domestic Enterprises: RMB 1100.00yuan/Sq.m/Expo

Joint-venture enterprises: RMB 1300.00yuan/Sq.m /Expo

Foreign-invested enterprises: USD 250.00/Sq.m/Expo

Advertising in the Show Catalogue:
¡§ Front cover: RMB 20,000.00

¡§ Back cover: RMB 18,000.00

¡§ Black-and-white full page: RMB 3,000.00

¡§ Colored full page: RMB 6,000.00

¡§ Inside front: RMB 15,000.00

¡§ Inside back: RMB 12,000.00

Other Advertisements:
¡§ Badges: RMB 5,000.00/10,000 pcs.

¡§ Admission tickets: RMB 5,000.00/10,000 pcs. (min. 30,000 pcs.)

¡§ Banners: RMB 2,000.00/Expo

¡§ Inflated arches: RMB 3,000.00/Day

1. Fill out the Application Form & Agreement, and submit it by mail or fax to the Organizer.
2. Please make the participation fees payable in full or 50% as deposit by telegraphic transfer
or in person to the Organizer within one week after application. The balance of the payment
shall be settled before June 10, 2006.
3. The allocation of booths is based on the principle of "first-come-first-served" in terms of
application and payment.
4. Upon payment of all the fees, exhibitors are required to fax the slip of bank transfer to the
5. After receiving the booth rental, the Organizer will send a copy of Exhibitor's Manual to the
exhibitor one month before the opening of the exhibition.


Liaison Office for Overseas Exhibitors/Visitors:
Address: Rm.902, No. 26, Lane 288, Tianshan Road, Changning District, Shanghai, 200336,
P. R. China

Contact Person: Mr. Alex Chen

Mobile: 86-13818028583

Telephone: 0086-21-62918082

Fax: 0086-21-62918125