Towards Excellence in Corporate Governance & Corporate Social Responsibilities Conference

Venue: Renaissance Hotel

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Event Date/Time: Jun 12, 2006 End Date/Time: Jun 13, 2006
Early Registration Date: Apr 21, 2006
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Poor corporate governance standards breed corruption such as the misuse of public office for private gain, as well frauds. The damage of firm’s good will and reputation overnight will dampen investor confidence and restricts future of capital and financing inflows. As markets are closely integrated globally today, all the more important should effective corporate governance mechanisms be in place to bring more stability to the Asian markets. More needs to be done to increase accountability, transparency and fairness in board decision making, where the directors are appointed to act in the interests of the shareholders (ie owners of the corporation) to avoid a conflict in interest.

There has been a significant improvement in corporate governance practices in Asia, with the tightening of regulations and reforms made to provide a conducive regulatory and legislative framework. While the biggest challenge is to change the mindset of corporates who need to recognise the intimate links between firm performance and good governance practices, every single step towards progressing proper governance is highly critical towards achieving excellence.

The area of business corporate social responsibilities has drawn much criticism as well as support from various interest groups, where the issue of substance over form is often a debate. However as good corporate social responsibilities practices enhance firm branding and reputation with the emergence of an increasing social conscious consumer group. Hence firms need to integrate good social responsibilities practices to gain customer loyalty and trust.

This conference will highlight on the practical aspects of governance and social responsibilities practices, where speakers from corporations will share their practical expertise and insights in implementing good corporate governance and social responsibilities, as well as dealing effectively with challenges in these areas towards excellence.

This Conference is anchored by 4 Themes:
1. Trends and Challenges
2. Regulatory Framework and Legislation
3. Implementing Corporate Governance Practices
4. Corporate Social Responsibilities Practices
for Asia Firms