Assisi 2006: Make peace with life (Ass06)

Venue: Cittadella Ospitalità

Location: Assisi, Italy

Event Date/Time: Oct 12, 2006 End Date/Time: Oct 14, 2006
Registration Date: Jul 30, 2006
Early Registration Date: Apr 30, 2006
Abstract Submission Date: Jun 30, 2006
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“Our hope, our dream, our struggle”

Dear delegate, dear participant

Welcome to Assisi, a splendid, medieval town; a spiritual and cultural heritage of humanity.

In 1991, The Italian Society of Adolescentology and Adolescence Medicine was founded in Milan. Two years later, the Society promoted “Assisi 93: Make Peace with Life”, which became the First International Congress on Adolescentology. In order to stimulate theoretical work for research on the ethical and epistemological basis of investigation and clinical work performed on adolescents, we have officially presented Adolescentology as a new common field of clinical research, to the scientific world. Our purpose was to construct a person- centred culture on adolescence addressing to create a person unity on his teleonomia and his own resources not a fragmentary speciality problem centred culture. We started an important epistemological revolution which in 2002 brought to person –centred theory of adolescence and to person-centred medicine.
In the past, research and clinical work separately belonged to medical, psychological, educational and sociological sciences.

In 1993 the Conference opened with the presentation of the Universal Declaration of Youth Rights and Duties by twelve young people from five different countries, who proposed to the United Nations a specific Charter for adolescents and young people so as to arrive at an international agreement on the Rights of the Child. To the scientific and clinical community, it gave a common ethical code.

In the same year, The International Committee for the Youth Charter (ICYC) was instituted . It has worked at suggesting strategies for peace and for the defence of human rights in all recent wars.

At the end of the Second International Conference on Adolescentology, “ Adolescence and Family” held in Milan on October 24, 1994, in Milan, organized in conjunction with the United Nations, the World Federation and Society of Adolescentology was founded. This organization’s twofold objective was to give a social structure to the new, common field of scientific interests and to bring together researchers, clinicians and scientific societies devoted to Adolescence throughout the world.

Now, thirteen years later Make peace with life (1) and after “Assisi 2003 Young People and values”, and “Milano 2004:Being and Beauty” working on the basis of the ethical principles of the Youth Charter and on a comparison of theoretical frameworks, we are proposing a new conference that focuses on the possibilities we have to develop the main subjects for common work with young people in order to gather our common efforts to build a world where truth, love and beauty could be the fundaments of peace. The mission of scientists and health professionals is to be witnesses of real possibilities of a world full of peace . Unity in studying the truth about human nature and to fight against diseases and violations of human rights is a starting point to demonstrate the trans-cultural irreducibility of the person to any ideological, political or religious relativism founded on nomothetic cultures. We need to build a person-centered world not a law-centered one, which always needs less or more democratic controllers. Medicine, Science and spirituality should educate people to freedom not to a condition of slavery determined by any emotional, political or religious power. Freedom from diseases, poverty , exploitations and respect of cultural, religious and political identities (when they do not determine slavery and death of innocents) quest for unity and peace among people of “ good will” . This is our hope, our dream. our struggle
Symposia, poster sessions, papers about Adolescence theories and Psychological, Clinical, Sociological, Educational topics are foreseen.. An important social program is foreseen
The Conference will also be an occasion to participate in the pre-conference courses : -Person Centered Clinical Method and Advanced Research Methods, and in the International Symposium “ New Perspectives in Medical Education” An artistic social program is foreseen.
At the same time the Conference scientific board will give the 2006 WFSA Scientific Prize to the best scientific papers and posters.

Looking forward our meeting in Assisi

Giuseppe R. Brera

Rector of Università Ambrosiana, Milan
President of SIAd
WFSA Founder


Borgo San Pietro

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