Event Date/Time: Mar 18, 2006
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The biggest struggle for public sector contact centers is two-fold – what do they want to offer the public and what is the best way of delivering their services. Whether it be a live voice on a phone, a recorded message, online communication or a walk-in office, each department in each level of government needs to determine what works best for them and how they can most efficiently serve their customers.

An introduction will be given by Daryl Covey who founded the Government Customer Support Community of Practice which helps bring together thousands of contact center professionals from all three levels of government. Following this you will hear case studies and best practices from Bobbie Almariento, who heads up the Virginia Beach Public Information Office, and Dave Roesner of the Department of Veteran Affairs - both considered some of the best government contact centers in the country.

This event will provide insight on:

• Identifying the best medium to meet the needs of your customers
• Recruiting and retaining a strong and knowledgeable workforce
• Measuring the efficiency of your contact center

Daryl Covey, Chief Field Support Section at NEXRAD Operational Support Facility and President and Founder of the Government Customer Support Community of Practice

Dave Roesner, Assistant Chief, Policyholders Services Division, Department of Veterans Affairs

Bobbie L. Almariento, Public Information Office Manager, City of Virginia Beach Public Information Office

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