Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies: An Integrated Perspective

Venue: Conference Center Of Kuwait University

Location: Kuwait, Kuwait, Kuwait

Event Date/Time: Dec 03, 2006 End Date/Time: Dec 05, 2006
Abstract Submission Date: May 30, 2006
Paper Submission Date: Aug 30, 2006
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One of the primary purposes of the conference is having the opportunity to meet with specialists and experts from around the world and exchange ideas in the field of social sciences from an integrated and applied perspective. Another purpose is to discuss the role of social sciences in solving contemporary issues such as the development of society's health, the elimination of violence, terrorism, and extremism, and the fulfillment of social, civil, environmental, political, and cultural stability.

The conference is an academic opportunity to share and exchange opinions, to initiate critical thinking, and to share various cultural experiences by confronting the challenges of the new millennium through cooperation, coordination, and utilization of social sciences concepts.

The Organization Committee of the conference is honored to send an invitation to universities, academic and professional institutions in the government and private sectors, non-profit organizations, and local, regional, and international diplomatic establishments as well as those specializing in the social sciences fields such as sociology, social work, anthropology, psychology, geography, political sciences, library and information science. The Committee would like to invite those who are interested in participating in the conference's activities to submit professional and academic papers.


Kuwait University - Kuwait

Additional Information

CONFERENCE THEMES "Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies: An Integrated Perspective" CONFERENCE TOPICS Social sciences role in society’s development: - The role of sociology, social work, and anthropology. - The role of psychology. - The role of geography. - The role of political sciences. - The role of library and information science. Social Sciences and Health: - Integration between health- and social- sciences. - Physical and psychological health at work and at home. - Social and psychological effects of chronic diseases. - Social diseases and their influence on health and social development. - Methods of prevention, diagnosis, and cures of psychological and social problems. - Environmental problems and ways of solving them. - Local distribution of endemic and contagious diseases. - Health informatics. Violence, Extremism, and Terrorism: - The role of political and social institutions in facing terrorism. - The role of the family and school in facing violence and terrorism. - Social upbringing and its’ effect on violence and extremism. - The role of the mass media in facing violence and extremism. · Politics, society, and international relations: - Political development and human rights. - Political reformation based on the achievements of social sciences. - The role of women in the political and social arenas. - Local and international changes and their impact on the Arab world. - Institutions of civil society and their internal and external roles. - Future expectations of the Arab world. - Globalization. - Political geography and border disputes Human development based on psychological and social concepts: - Positive psychology research. - Development of persons with special needs. - Developmental problems in childhood; adolescents. - Social and psychological problems of adults and the elderly. - Human development from a psychological and social perspective. - The role of the psychological and social specialist in social institutions. - Vrbom and rural development from a geographic and social perspective. Inter-disciplinary studies between: - Social sciences and administration. - Social sciences and literature and linguistic studies. - Social sciences and natural sciences. - Social sciences and medical sciences. - Social sciences and environment. - Social sciences and planning. - Social Sciences and Information Technology.