Knowledge Management Certification - Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)

Venue: Marriott

Location: Arlington, Virginia, United States

Event Date/Time: May 15, 2006 End Date/Time: May 19, 2006
Registration Date: May 12, 2006
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KMPro's Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Certification Workshops

Our Goal

We believe that a Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) must be adequately prepared
to implement Knowledge Management within their organization, and that to do
so it is necessary to obtain a solid foundation of the theory and practical
application of KM implementation. Our goal is to provide the training that KM
professionals need to successfully implement KM in their organization. If you'd
like to see how our program compares to others, we've provided this program
comparison information (

The KMPro Advantage

Founded in 2001, KMPro is the leading certifying body and the largest international
association dedicated to knowledge management. KMPro represents nearly 4,000
members throughout the United States, Canada, and 88 other countries. KMPro
has recently completed the merger of the Knowledge Management Certification
Board (KMCB)® into KMPro, which means that the KMPro CKM certification is
the only certification recognized by both the only KM certification board and
by the largest international KM focused society in the world.

When you complete our CKM certification workshop, you also come away with the
benefit of having the world's leading KM organization standing behind your certification.
Others may claim to offer what KMPro offers, but we stand behind our claims
and can offer substance rather than unsubstantiated claims -- and KMPro has
existed as a professional society for KM professionals since 2001. And other
organizations may claim that their certifications are backed by a certification
body, but the fact of the matter is that the only independent KM certification
body -- Knowledge Management Certification Board (established in 1999) -- has
become a part of KMPro.

Our Curriculum

We feel strongly that any KM training program -- to be worth the cost paid --
needs to be able to clearly link the training learning objectives to actual
task performance. And we feel that time spent seeking to somehow "demystify"
KM or to learn relatively useless historical perspectives on "knowledge
eras" or other dry academic lectures is time wasted. With our program you
instead invest your time wisely by learning what you need to know and understand
about KM implementation from a practical, hands-on approach.

Our curriculum is lively, engaging, up-to-date, and taught by professionals
with more actual KM expertise and experience than can be found elsewhere. And
the curriculum presented was developed by training professionals -- opposed
to other programs developed by those with little or no actual training background,
and certainly NO background in human performance developmental applications.

The Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) workshop presents a Strategic Knowledge
Management approach to knowledge management implementation which is based upon
a Strategic Management framework, blending the concepts, theories and best practice
applications of strategic planning, systems theory, strategic thinking, and
performance measurement. It is known that a significant percentage of KM implementation
efforts fail due to a lack of effective strategy, and the intent of this workshop
is to address those critical issues and then present how best practice organizations
use this approach to:

1) Create, transfer and utilize knowledge and intellectual capital;

2) Manage creation, accumulation and flow of knowledge and intellectual
capital to develop and sustain competitive advantage and provide desired "Knowledge
Value-Added" gains;

3) Understand the concepts, principles and actions necessary to implement
a strategy-based approach to KM.

The CKM Workshop is structured to provide a logical flow and effective transfer
of knowledge necessary to support your KM implementation needs. Four essential
"themes" are covered in the workshop:

Theme 1 -- Understanding KM:

Theme One presents an integrated foundation of Knowledge Management theory
to lay the groundwork necessary to provide an essential understanding of key
KM concepts and advanced application. Participants develop an understanding
of Knowledge and Learning principles, explore the tenets and advanced application
of Knowledge Management including both its historical and contemporary perspectives,
the lexicon of KM, and the best

practice concepts of a dynamic and adaptive knowledge conversion process (used
to drive creation, capture, transfer, utilization and leverage of knowledge
for strategic/competitive advantage).

Theme 2-- KM Applied Sciences:

Theme Two provides a solid foundation in the core management sciences successful
KM implementation. Participants develop an understanding of and KM applications
of Social Interaction, Strategic Management, Systems Strategic Thinking, KM
Strategic Planning, Performance Metrics, and KM each of those issues support
and drive successful KM implementation.

Theme 3 -- KM Implementation:

Theme Three focuses upon successful KM implementation by providing additional
and advanced focus upon KM Strategy, Best Practice Performance Measurement,
Building the KM Business Case, and KM Implementation Issues. Participants learn
how to plan and perform KM from startup to successful completion, to foster
innovation within a collaborative knowledge-sharing environment, how to implement
Communities of Practice (CoPs), and how to properly align KM technology (IT)
to best support KM and organizational goals.

Theme 4 -- Leading & Managing KM:

Theme Four addresses the challenges of KM implementation and approaches
these challenges from the context and application of KM facilitation and an
examination of KM related organizational issues.

You can download a detailed, complete workshop description in PDF file at:

Your Certification Instructor -- Dr. Dan Kirsch, CPC, CKM, CKL®,
MKMP, CKM Instructor ®

> KM expert with more than 16 years KM expertise and has been teaching the
CKM workshop since 1995 (created by Dr. Dan Kirsch, predating other “certifications”
workshops). This ensures that the instructor is able to speak from experience,
is well versed in KM best practice, and has real insight about successful KM

> KM Instructor -- authored and instructs more than 20 KM courses, two KM
certificate programs & three KM certification programs, with 13+ years KM
instructor experience.

> Ph.D. in Management (directly related to KM discipline).

> Additional KM Certifications: Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM); Certified
Knowledge Leader (CKL); Certified Knowledge Management Professional (CKMP);
Master Certified Knowledge Management Professional (MKMP).

> International KM Conference Presenter. Recognized for international level
expertise related to KM, and based on conference workshop evaluations is considered
to be one of the top workshop/conference presenters.

> A Certified “CKM Instructor” ® is someone who has earned
the only certification designation applicable to CKM certification instruction.
This qualification ensures that the instructor for your certification workshop
is qualified to instruct the CKM curriculum. CKM Instructor ® is a registered
trademark, U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Registration No. 3035023. Dr.
Dan Kirsch is a CKM Instructor ®, and only instructors provided through
KMPro are CKM Instructors.

Comparative Analysis Useful in Judging Differences Between Available Programs

Trying to understand the differences between KMPro's Certified Knowledge
Manager (CKM) certification workshop, and the "knockoff" programs?
The following comparative information is provided so as to make it easier for
you to make an informed decision:

> Complete program comparison information is available at:

> Customer testimonials, dating from 1995 to present are available at:

> Only KMPro's CKM workshop is recognized by Knowledge Management Certification
Board (KMCB), the first KM international certification authority (established
in 1999). Faced with this fact, other "institutes" created phony "certification
authorities" but the fact is, the KMCB is the only recognized, legitimate
KM certification board and no other "institute" issued certification
is recognized as legitimate by the KMCB.

> KMPro is a non-profit professional society and it is the only international
KMprofessional society. Faced with this fact, other "institutes" were
created by for-profit companies (working out of "Suite 300" which
is actually their third floor bedroom -- using "Suite 300" as an attempt
to deceive in making it seem like a business address).

> KMPro's CKM workshop is the original workshop, offered by Dr. Dan Kirsch
since 1995. Other "institutes" claim to be the "original",
but the fact is that Dr. Dan Kirsch's firm (Hudson Associates Consulting, Inc.)
holds the trademarks on "Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)" and on
"CKM Instructor" based on first usage from 1995.

> Superior in quality, the KMPro CKM is also the best value -- priced
at only $2,450!


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