First International Conference on Integrated Internet Ad hoc and Sensor Networks (InterSense 2006)

Venue: Nice, Westminster Hotel

Location: Nice, France

Event Date/Time: May 30, 2006 End Date/Time: May 31, 2006
Registration Date: May 30, 2006
Early Registration Date: Apr 30, 2006
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First International Conference on
Integrated Internet Ad hoc and Sensor Networks
InterSense 2006
(Nice, France, May 30-31, 2006)

Call for Participation

The InterSense 2006 conference seeks to provide an opportunity for researchers from computer science, engineering and mathematical backgrounds to disseminate and exchange knowledge in the rapidly emerging field of future heterogeneous supernetworks where ad hoc and sensor wireless networks will be integrated into wired and/or wireless fixed infrastructure. The integration of ad hoc and sensor networks with the Internet and wireless infrastructure networks increases the network capacity, coverage area and application domain. In the future interconnection framework for wireless sensor and ad hoc networks, internetworking is not simply a way to transport information from and to remote hosts. The foreseen degree of integration reaches the upper levels of the stack, where one network will offer services to others (including communication services). In the ‘sensors to wideband’ integrated heterogeneous architecture, even sensor networks component may be heterogeneous, consisting of sensors with varied functionalities and capabilities. This architecture may include an ad hoc network of actors, capable of monitoring the sensor network deployment and acting to increase the network utility. In the emerging area of ubiquitous computing, networked small embedded devices with sensing capabilities will play a key role. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) shows a great potential for identification of static and mobile objects and poses numerous questions regarding their implementation, capability, performance, reliability and integration with other technologies.

The conference will comprehensively cover physical, data link, network and transport layers, as well as application, security, simulation and power management issues in integrated and heterogeneous networks, including sensor, local area, satellite, vehicular, personal, and mobile ad hoc networks.

Conference Date
May 30-31 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

Registration is open! Please register before April, 30th to take advantage of the early registration fee.


Invited Speaker: Afonso Ferreira, Scientific Officer, COST, Brussels, Belgium.

May 30, 2006 (Tuesday)

09h00-10h00: Registration
10h00-10h30: Welcome and opening
10h30-12h10: Session 1: Simulation and modelling
Requirements for an Ubiquitous Computing Simulation and Emulation Environment (invited paper), Vinny Reynolds, Vinny Cahill, Aline Senart
Dual-Mode Real-Time MAC protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks: a Validation/Simulation Approach, Thomas Watteyne, Isabelle Auge-Blum, Stephane Ubeda
GLONEMO: Global and Accurate Formal Models for the Analysis of Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks, Ludovic Samper, Florence Maraninchi, Louis Mandel, Laurent Mounier
Particle-based Methodology for Representing Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, Carlos Martinez, Marisa Lopez, Luis Estebanez
12h10-13h30: Lunch
13h30-14h30: Keynote speaker: Afonso Ferreira
14h30-14h50: Coffee break
14h50-16h05: Session 2: Node implementation and integration into Internet
IP-enabled Wireless Sensor Networks and their integration into the Internet, Karl Mayer, Wolfgang Fritsche
From vertical to horizontal architecture - a cross-layer implementation in a sensor network node, Ismo Hakala, Merja Tikkakoski
Issues in Designing a Compilation Framework for Macroprogrammed Networked Sensor Systems, Animesh Pathak, Viktor Prasanna
16h05-16h30: Coffee break
16h30-18h10: Session 3: Software aspects
Programming Wireless Sensor Networks with Logical Neighborhoods (invited paper), Luca Mottola, Gian Pietro Picco
A Context-Aware Middleware Platform for Autonomous Application Services in Dynamic Wireless Networks, Nicolas Le Sommer, Frederic Guidec, Herve Roussain
Middleware for Distributed Services and Mobile Applications, Aitor Uribarren, Jorge Parra, J.P. Uribe, Maider Zamalloa, Kepa Makibar
A Software Framework for Integrated Sensor Network Applications, Raju Pandey, Joel Koshy

May 31, 2006 (Wednesday)

09h00-10h15: Session 4: Mobility and connectivity management
MarathonNet: Adding value to large scale sport events - A connectivity analysis, Martin Lipphardt, Dennis Pfisterer, Carsten Buschmann, Horst Hellbrueck, Stefan Fischer, Jan Hendrik Sauselin
Adaptive Sink Mobility in Event-driven Multi-hop Wireless Sensor Networks, Zoltan Vincze, Dorottya Vass, Rolland Vida, Attila Vidacs, Andras Telcs
Mobility Management Challenges and Issues in 4G Heterogeneous Networks, Sadia Hussain, Zara Hamid
10h15-10h45: Coffee break
10h45-12h25 Session 5: QoS
Access Control in Heterogeneous Multichannel Wireless Networks (invited paper), Michael McGarry, Martin Reisslein, Violet R. Syrotiuk
QoS Routing in Multi-channel Multihop Wireless Network with Infrastructure Support, Huiqing Wang, Kin Choong Yow
QoS-aware Mesh Construction to Enhance Multicast Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (invited paper), Andreas J. Kassler, Harald Tebbe, Pedro M.Ruiz
12h25-13h45: Lunch
13h45-15h25: Session 6: Routing
The Anchor Location Service (ALS) Protocol for Large-scale Wireless Sensor Networks (invited paper), Rui Zhang, Hang Zhao, Miguel A.Labrador
Multipath Virtual Sink Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks in Harsh Environments (invited paper), Winston K.G. Seah, Hwee-Pink Tan
Addressing Network Heterogeneity in Pervasive Application Environments, Paul Grace, Geoff Coulson, Gordon Blair, Barry Porter
Self-Selecting Route Discovery Strategies for Reactive Routing in Ad hoc Networks, Mehran Abolhasan, Justin Lipman
15h25-15h45: Coffee break
15h45-17h00: Session 7: Robustness and Security
Symmetric Key Based Authenticated Querying in Wireless Sensor Networks, Satyajit Banerjee, Debapriyay Mukhopadhyay
Location-free fault repair in hybrid sensor networks, Tuan Le, Nadeem Ahmed, Sanjay Jha
Cooperation in ad hoc networks: Enhancing the virtual currency based Models, Michael Hauspie, Isabelle Simplot-Ryl
17h00-17h15: Break
17h15-18h30: Session 8: Energy-efficiency
Challenges and New Approaches for Efficient Data Gathering and Dissemination in Pervasive Wireless Networks (invited paper), Elena Fasolo, Christian Prehofer, Michele Rossi, Qing Wei, Joerg Widmer, Andrea Zanella, Michele Zorzi
Efficient Multicast Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks Connected to Internet (invited paper), Pedro M. Ruiz
Variable-Base Tacit Communication: A New Energy Efficient Communication Scheme for Sensor Networks, Yuanzhu Peter Chen, Dan Wang, Jian Zhang

The conference will take place at the Hotel Westminster, Nice, France Hotel Website:


27 Promenade des Anglais