Air-Launched Weapons 2006

Venue: Le Meridien Hotel London, UK

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: May 22, 2006 End Date/Time: May 23, 2006
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The World Market for Air-Launched Weapons is forecast at $50 Billion over the next 10 years. Of this total, $36 Billion will be spent on Air-to-Surface Weapons and $14 Billion on Air-to-Air Missiles. For Air-to-Surface operations, 'Precision Effects' is the key driver of future weapon requirements and with an increasing need for close air support in urban environments, a new generation of smaller bombs is being developed to minimise civilian casualties and damage to property. Weaponisation of UAVs will be a key focus of the new small munitions.
In the Air-to-Air arena, the U.S. is considering a new Joint Dual Role Air Dominance Missile (JDRADM), capable of both close-in and BVR engagements. This would enter service in the 2015-2020 timescale. In the shorter-term, however, AMRAAM is expected to dominate the medium range sector, with Meteor its principal competitor. The short-range market has ASRAAM and IRIS-T competing against AIM-9X.
Defence IQ's Fifth Annual Air-Launched Weapons 2006 event will examine the latest requirements and technological developments in both Air-to-Surface and Air-to-Air Weapons. State-of-the-Art programmes, both in the U.K. and internationally will be discussed, along with the crucial areas of Policy, Plans and Future Directions for Air-Launched Weapons.


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