Venue: Dublin

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Event Date/Time: Jul 14, 2006 End Date/Time: Jul 16, 2006
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Mobile Learning, although in its infancy as a research area, has to date generated much interest and discussion among researchers. In particular, financial, logistical or technical reasons, such as the ever increasing availability of wireless portable devices, have provided a rich environment for the proliferation of ‘mobile learning applications’. While there is an increasing number of mobile applications and devices that offer substantial potential to support and enable learning and teaching processes, the danger of designing, developing and implementing learning application for mobile devices that are not truly anchored in sound principles of learning is something researcher in the area of mobile learning must be mindful of.

Research and developments in the field of mobile learning have yielded numerous experiences and tools that could be broadly classified into administrative, referential, interactive, data collection, location aware and collaborative categories. While the initial categories to some extend attempt to replicate or augment applications available on fixed desktop or laptop computers, the later leverage off the unique attributes of wireless mobile devices by creating new learning opportunities which would not be possible without mobile technology.

Against this background, the Mobile Learning 2006 International Conference aims to provide a forum for presenting and discussing cutting edge mobile learning research. In particular empirical research informed by theories of learning such as collaborative, contextual, constructivist and constructionist approaches which are well suited for mobile learning experiences and scenarios, is encouraged. Furthermore, given the continuous developments in technology, the conference aims to generate speculative debate in relation to where the field may be going.

We invite researchers, practitioners, developers and all those working in the mobile learning arena to submit work under the following topics:

Pedagogical approaches and theories for mLearning
Collaborative, cooperative and Contextual mLearning
Creativity and mLearning
Gaming and simulations in mLearning
mLearning in educational institutions: primary, secondary and third level
Informal and Lifelong mLearning
mLearning in developing countries
New tools, technologies and platforms for mLearning
User Studies in mLearning
The social phenomenon of mobile devices and mLearning
Speculative ideas in mLearning: where next?
An academic conference is itself an exercise in learning. Accordingly, proposals as to how mobile technology can enhance the conference experience are invited.

The Conference will be composed of several types of contributions:

Full Papers – These include mainly accomplished research results and have 8 pages at the maximum (5,000 words).

Short Papers – These are mostly composed of work in progress reports or fresh developments and have 4 pages at maximum (2,500 words).

Posters / Demonstrations – These have one page at the maximum (625 words) besides the poster itself (or demonstration) that will be exposed at the conference.

Tutorials – Tutorials can be proposed by scholars or company representatives. A proposal of maximum 250 words is expected.

Panels – Discussions on selected topics will be held. A proposal of maximum 250 words is expected.

Invited Talks – These will be made of contributions from well-known scholars and company representatives. An abstract will be included in the conference proceedings.

Doctoral Consortium - A Doctoral Consortium will discuss in group, individual projects and on going work of PhD students. Prospective students should send a report of their PhD projects and work so far with a maximum of 4 pages (2,500 words).

Corporate Showcases & Exhibitions – The former enables Companies to present recent developments and applications, inform a large and qualified audience of your future directions and showcase company’s noteworthy products and services. There will be a time slot for companies to make their presentation in a room. The latter enables companies the opportunity to display its latest offerings of hardware, software, tools, services and books, through an exhibit booth. For further details please contact the publicity chair - ml-sec@iadis.org.

All submissions, except invited talks, are subject to a blind refereeing process.