Event Date/Time: Oct 03, 2006 End Date/Time: Oct 05, 2006
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Net-centricity allows for the enhancement of military operations, for both combatants and non-combatants. With proper implementation, this type of operation will allow for full-scale net-centric warfare and protect the lives of American and coalition forces. Superior technology arms the warfighter with information access and speed to combat the enemy. However, net-centric warfare is not just about technology; it is an emerging theory of war and the next art and science of warfare to be exploited. Net-centric warfare involves a cultural change in relationships, which includes networking over the Internet amongst large groups of people. Each force has a framework in place that connects into the Global Information Grid (GIG) to facilitate information sharing cross force and with coalition partners.

The three main pillars of Net-centric operations include: FORCEnet, which is the operational construct and architectural framework for Naval Warfare information age, LandWarnet, the Army's portion of the Global Information Grid (GIG), supports users around the world and the C2 Constellation/constellation net, the Air Force program designed to support net-centric warfare. The systems aim to promote rapid access to data stores that support situational awareness; effects based operations, and predictive battlespace awareness while providing for processing, storing, and transporting information over a seamless network.

With recent milestones in the net-centric framework and underlying systems such as GIG, this conference will provide perspectives from all forces including joint forces on the current challenges, applications and lessons learned from net-centric operations and applications. Focus will be placed on the funding, management and development of new systems as well as the acute management and security of information when transmitting data across networks. Progress reports on each of the individual systems will also be discussed along with the applications of net-centric operations for the warfighter, which go beyond the overview. In depth discussions on interoperability of forces and systems and interface-ability, will also be featured at this conference. Doctrine, leadership, personnel and materiel need to work together in order to realize the benefits of net-centricity. This forum provides the perfect opportunity to facilitate this growth.


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