Assessing the Investment Climate of Africa

Venue: Johannesburg

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Event Date/Time: May 24, 2006
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Assessing the Investment Climate of Africa Conference and Africa Investment Climate Award
24 August 2006
Birchwood Executive Hotel, Boksburg, Johannesburg


National policies and international investment agreements are important framework conditions for stimulating investments. A good investment climate is central to growth and poverty reduction. A vibrant private sector creates jobs, provides the goods and services needed to improve living standards, and contributes taxes necessary for public investment in health, education, and other services. Only too often governments stunt the size of those contributions by creating unjustified risks, costs, and barriers to competition. It is a widely held view that African governments are partly to be blamed for the lack of sufficient investment in the continent.

The Africagrowth Research, in partnership with other institutions is organizing a conference aimed at examining the broader investment climate in Africa. The conference aims to examine some of the bottlenecks that discourage investment in the continent and provide solutions and recommendations on steps Africa has to take to stimulate sustainable investment in the continent.

Possible Topics the conference aims to address include:

• Investment opportunities in Africa;
• Barriers to doing business with Africa;
• Tax systems in Africa;
• Ownership of property;
• Issues surrounding credits, credit guarantees and contract enforcement;
• Governments’ role in promoting business;
• Key issues surrounding intra-African trade and cross-border investment;
• International best practices on “doing business”.
• Broader review of investment climate in Africa;

Who should attend?

The conference aims to bring together:

• Investors
• Bankers;
• Capital market practitioners;
• Chambers of Commerce;
• Donor agencies;
• Governments;
• NGOs and
• Other private sector institutions.

Confirmed Speakers:

Prof Jimnah Mbaru - Chairman, Dyer & Blair Investment Bank, Kenya
Mr Mike Brown - Manager, SATRIX, JSE
Mr Noah Greenhill - Manager, Business Development JSE and ALTX
Mr Lumkile Mondi - Chief Economist & Executive Vice President:
Professional Services, IDC
Mr Nigel Twose - Manager, FIAS, Worldbank Group
Mr Hugh Scott - Senior Investment Climate Advisor, Investment Climate
Facility for Africa (IFC)
Mr Justin Chinyanta - CEO and Chairman, LOITA
Mr Tom Lawless - Director of Lawless & Associates
Mr. Bernard Drum - Lead Private Sector Specialist, The World Bank

Guest Speaker at Awards:

Prof Firmino Mucavele - Secretariat, Nepad

Africa Investment Climate Award:

The highlight of the conference will be the “Africa Investment Climate Award” which will be presented to countries that have contributed significantly towards economic development in the continent. The Awards will take place in the evening, after the day conference on 24 August 2006 at the Birchwood Executive Hotel.

Conference Registration Fees:

- Normal Delegate : R1250 (Include Awards banquet)
- Student : R1000 (Include Awards banquet)
- Early Bird : R1000 (Register and pay before 1 July’06)
- Guest to Award Banquet only : R300


We are currently looking for sponsors to support the event in the following areas:

• Assessing the Investment Climate of Africa Conference
• Africa Investment Climate Award

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