Enhancing the Potential of Your Taxonomy (Taxonomy)

Venue: Sydney

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Event Date/Time: Sep 11, 2006 End Date/Time: Sep 14, 2006
Registration Date: Sep 11, 2006
Early Registration Date: Aug 11, 2006
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Taxonomies are a critical tool that can enable you to improve business processes and increase efficiency. Taxonomies can assist you in organising information, managing systems and meeting the specific needs of user groups. A taxonomy that is well designed, implemented and managed, has the potential to transform your organisation so that it consistently achieves efficiency, productivity and long-term viability.

However, many organisations are now realising that there are certain critical areas that are commonly lacking within their taxonomies. In order to understand how your taxonomy can improve business functions, it is essential that you first establish the purpose of your taxonomy. Without adequately aligning your taxonomy with business strategy, developing user capabilities, and continually undertaking maintenance processes, you will find it increasingly difficult to achieve your taxonomy’s potential.

This conference will focus on how to enhance the potential of your taxonomy
by addressing and evaluating the following key areas:
• Establishing the groundwork for taxonomy implementation
• Working with your organisation’s business strategy to ensure your taxonomy’s viability
• Understanding your taxonomy’s terminology and gaining confidence in utilising its functions
• Developing and enhancing the capabilities of user groups
• Ensuring your taxonomy will remain effective and functional in the future

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