Combating and Preventing Terrorism in Africa (Terrorism)

Venue: The Castle ,

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Event Date/Time: Aug 29, 2006 End Date/Time: Aug 31, 2006
Early Registration Date: Jun 27, 2006
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“For what we have already learned in recent years is that the noble idea of globalisation has also penetrated the underworld of terrorists. When they attack a hotel in Asia, an Embassy in Jordan, a ship in Africa and innocent children in Jerusalem, they want us to go on believing that all of us everywhere, that they are our masters for we are their targets. An ultimate aberration of ideology or religion, Terrorism has always been philosophically indefensible, morally repulsive and humanly obscene – for it means the brutal rule of the few over the many.

Believers in Terror begin by using it as a means to attain a goal but, at the end, it becomes a goal in itself.” – Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Professor Elie Wiesel

Concern is at an all time high over Africa as the world’s latest springboard for terrorism. “Africa is vulnerable to the threat of international terrorism and important in our efforts to counter that menace. While 9/11 is generally regarded as the watershed in the threat from al-Qaida and its allies, the horrible August 7, 1998, attacks on the U.S. Embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Tanzanians than American, the ostensible target. These mass bombings brutally demonstrated the willingness of these terrorists to kill and maim large numbers of persons in far-flung corners of the earth, in countries that were not directly involved in grievances of South Asia and the Middle East”. How will Africa maintain stability and minimise the threat of terrorist attacks, given the challenges faced by developing countries?

IQPC is hosting its first ever PREVENTING AND COMBATING TERRORISM IN AFRICA 2006 at The Castle Kyalami, Johannesburg, South Africa. At this major event issues will be raised and decisions will be made on how to combat Terrorism in Africa