Netherlands Defence Academy Symposium 2006 Expeditionary Operations Effects and Challenges (NLDA Symposium 2006)

Venue: KMA Breda, this is the training institute for officers of the Netherlands Royal Armed Forces

Location: Breda, Netherlands

Event Date/Time: Dec 13, 2006 End Date/Time: Dec 14, 2006
Paper Submission Date: Sep 01, 2006
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Netherlands Defence Academy Symposium 2006

The NLDA Symposium 2006 on Expeditionary Operations aims to bring together researchers, scientists, politicians and the military to discuss problems and solutions in the area of expeditionary operations, to identify new issues, and to shape directions for research, as well as to help policymakers and the military incorporate new insights in programmes.

The general theme for this symposium is Expeditionary Operations which can be scientifically explored from many different angles. The following perspectives are suggested:
1. International Affairs / National effects
2. Expeditionary Politics
3. Legal Affairs
4. Logistics
5. Intelligence
6. Public Information
7. Human Aspects
a. Medical
b. Psychological
c. Social
8. Operational
9. CIMIC (Het samenwerken van militaire organisaties met burgers.)
a. NGO’s (Non Governmental Organisations; Het Rode Kruis e.d.)
b. Development, Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief

The symposium is planned as a two day event. A general concept programme can bee seen in Annex A (Event programme). The general idea is that the programme should be interactive in order provide all participants with an attractive programme. In addition, the symposium will follow two tracks: a public part in which practitioners will speak about their experiences and plans for the future and an academic part in which researchers will present the fruits of their investigations. This way the symposium can serve a broad public and the maximum effect can be achieved.

The organisation of this symposium should consist of a scientific committee and a organising staff. The scientific committee is responsible for the content of the programme.
· Scientific Committee:
o Content of the symposium
· Organising Staff:
o Logistics

Location and Facilities:
1. The NLDA Symposium will be held in Breda, the Netherlands on the 13th and 14th of December 2006.
2. The KMA is the training institute for officers of the Netherlands Royal Armed Forces.