1st International Conference on the Ecological Importance of Solar Saltworks (CEISSA)

Venue: Santorini Island, Greece

Location: Santorini Island, Greece

Event Date/Time: Oct 20, 2006 End Date/Time: Oct 22, 2006
Abstract Submission Date: Jun 15, 2006
Paper Submission Date: Jul 31, 2010
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It is generally accepted that the total worlds’ wetland area is continually decreasing due to drainage, cultivation and urbanization, and it is therefore necessary to emphasize the importance of protecting and if possible development of the remaining wetland areas.
Solar Saltworks produce salt by solar evaporation since the dawn of human civilization. Nevertheless the development of a unique coastal ecosystem in parallel with the salt production process evolution, it is not very well known.
Hundreds of protected bird species feed and/or nest in Solar Saltworks ecosystem.
The environmental uniqueness of Solar Saltworks and particularly the modern ones is based in the fact that they are integrated coastal ecosystems, where nature experiences the coexistence of regular and hyper saline environments with high significance as shelters to wildlife.


The aim of the conference is to identify and promote the ecological importance of Solar Saltworks and their increasing significance of safeguarding and development of the worlds’ wetland area. Additionally it aims at an analytical insight and a better understanding of the Saltworks ecosystem characteristics.

Priority will be given to following areas:
• Wetlands at risk – abandoned Saltworks etc
• Structure and function of solar Saltworks ecosystem
• Solar Saltworks Production Process
• Solar Saltworks Biological system
• Avifauna and flora of Solar Saltworks
• Low, medium and high salinity microorganisms in Solar Saltworks
• Dynamics of Solar Saltworks Ecosystem
• Geochemistry in Solar Saltworks ponds

Submission of abstracts (up to 2 pages)15.06.2006
Provisional acceptance ……………….…… 15.06.2006
Full paper submission ………….……….. 31.07.2006
Paper review and final acceptance 15.08.2006
island of Santorini, Greece.