18th International Contracting & Negotiating Clinical Trials

Venue: JW Marriott Hotel San Francisco

Location: San Francisco, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Sep 24, 2006 End Date/Time: Sep 27, 2006
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2006 Keynote Panel Discussions:

What New Partnerships and Investment Will Occur Among Drug Delivery, Pharmaceutical, and Specialty Pharmaceutical Companies in Today's Deal-Making Environment?

Is the traditional drug delivery business model (research and development costs, milestones, transfer costs, and royalties on final product marketed by partner) a fundable business model in today's venture climate? Many drug delivery firms have repositioned themselves as specialty pharma companies today to commercialize their own products. Does development of known compounds in new drug delivery vehicles mitigate the risk of traditional drug development on nce's substantially when the process is confined to a smaller company without manufacturing or marketing expertise? What new roles will "Big Pharma" assume as the industry continues to evolve? What new partnerships and funding ventures will emerge?

-Phyllis Gardner, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine
-Todd Brady, Principal, Domain Associates
-Arthur Klausner, Partner, Pappas Ventures
-Bill Slattery, Partner, Deerfield Management
-Alex Zisson, Venture Partner, Thomas, McNerney & Partners

Pharma's View on Drug Delivery

With a lack of blockbuster drugs in the pipeline, an Exubera approval (that may open the flood gates for other non-invasive insulin technologies as well as driving current R&D projects for systemic pulmonary delivered molecules for various diseases), expiring patents in the near future leaving billions of market share dollars up for grabs,
and the "insoluble shelves" of potential drugs reaching capacity, how is Big Pharma's view toward drug delivery technologies and companies changing from as little as 5 years ago? A lot has happened, and here is what your colleagues are saying.

-Ralph Vitaro, Publisher/President, Drug Delivery Technology
-Mandana Asgharnejad, Ph.D., Director, Scientific Liaison - External Scientific Affairs, Merck & Co., Inc.
-Frank Grams, Global Head Drug Delivery Partnering, Roche
-Keith R. Horspool, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Pharmaceutical R & D, Pfizer, Inc.
-Ian McKenna, Alliance Management for Early-Stage Technologies and Biotechnology, Eli Lilly & Company
-Matthew D. Roe, Senior Director, Business Development and Licensing, Genzyme Pharmaceuticals
-Ronald L. Smith, Ph.D., Executive Director, Biopharmaceutics R&D, Bristol Myers Squibb

Parameters of Performance - Driving Drug Delivery Value and Valuation

With the recent approvals of Exubera (Nektar) and Vivitrol (Alkermes), the drug delivery sector has hit two more defining milestones. Starting with these two events the panel will look back at the parameters of performance that have built corporate value in the drug delivery sectors with the intent of understanding what will drive future value. The panel discussion will include identifying higher value therapeutic areas and drug delivery technologies, as well as a review of business models that optimize the risk/reward balance.

-Josef Bossart, Ph.D., Principal, B4Bio
-Guy Furness, Managing Director, ONdrugDelivery Ltd
-Brian S. Gorin, Managing Principal, Analysis Group Inc.
-Deborah Neveille, Director, Business Analysis, Elan Pharmaceuticals
-Richard Pops, President, Alkermes (Invited)
-Christopher Searcy, PharmD., MBA, Vice President Corporate Development, Nektar Therapeutics

Developing Products: How Do Emerging Drug Delivery Companies Support The Cost?

Two major things have changed since “The Good Ole Days” of drug delivery: 1) Drug delivery companies have been forced to develop products using their technology and to become specialty Pharma Companies and 2) Going public and raising money has become much more difficult as investors focus on value visibility. That requires new revenue generation and budgeting strategies.

-John M. Siebert, Chairman and CEO, CyDex, Inc.
-Todd C. Davis, Partner, Paul Capital Partners
-Paul D’onofrio, Principal, Bank of America
-Andrew Forman, Senior Analyst and Managing Director, WR Hambrecht + Co
-Jack Khattar, President & CEO, Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Specialty Pharma Pipeline - Build or Buy?

Every company in the pharmaceutical industry from the drug delivery niche player to the large multinational is on a global product hunt. Strategically speaking – when do you build and when do you buy? Hear from industry experts that are feeding specialty pipelines through both internal development and through acquisition. Participate in an insider’s discussion with successful company leaders that have developed strategy to wisely use resources to capture the most value from internal and external expertise.

The panel discussion will cover:

Business model strategy
Resource allocation for internal development vs. external sourcing
Partnering and profit sharing along the way
Targeting acquisition candidates or product concepts
-Debra Bingham, Partner, Valeo Partners
-Mary Furlong, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development,Lupin
-Tim Howard, Partner, Stonecroft Capital LLC
-Ravi Kiron, Ph.D., MBA, Executive Director, New Technology Assessment and Planning, Alza Corporation (a division of Johnson & Johnson)
-Christine Meyer, Vice President, Business Development, Biovail Pharmaceuticals


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