Event Date/Time: Sep 25, 2006 End Date/Time: Sep 26, 2006
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The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive is going to happen. It cannot be ignored and when it comes into force in November 2007, it will impose a comprehensive regulatory regime on investment services firms and markets throughout the European Union.
Firms are now realising the potential impact of the Directive and time is running out. Planning for MiFID is complex. Key compliance and business decisions need to be made that will significantly affect the nature of MiFID projects, there is uncertainty about the directive’s requirements and there are interdependencies between projects that require correct sequencing if timelines are to be achieved.
The UK Financial Services Authority has become the first European regulator to outline how companies can prepare systems and controls to deliver best execution – the cornerstone of the directive.
However, MiFID is not simply a question of compliance. For most firms it also creates a number of commercial opportunities too, and these need to be incorporated into well-thought out strategies that involve every relevant part of the organisation. Such business opportunities will include outsourcing services from investments firms that will struggle to comply with MiFID, building trading platforms capable of competing with existing regulated markets and multilateral trading facilities, and using a common regulatory framework in a more transparent market as a basis to gain greater market share across Europe.


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