1st International Conference on Bio inspired Models of Network, Information and Computing Systems (Bionetics 2006)

Venue: Madonna Di Campiglio

Location: Madonna Di Campiglio, Italy

Event Date/Time: Dec 11, 2006 End Date/Time: Dec 13, 2006
Registration Date: Dec 11, 2006
Early Registration Date: Nov 11, 2006
Abstract Submission Date: Jul 31, 2006
Paper Submission Date: Jul 31, 2006
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Technology is taking us to a world where myriads of heavily
networked devices interact with the physical world in
multiple ways, and at multiple scales, from the global
Internet scale down to micro- and nano-devices. Many of
these devices are highly mobile and autonomous, and must
adapt to the surrounding environment in a totally
unsupervised way.

A fundamental research challenge is the design of robust
decentralized computing systems capable of operating under
changing environments and noisy input, and yet exhibit the
desired behaviour and response time, under constraints such
as energy consumption, size, and processing power. These
systems should be able to adapt and learn how to react to
unforeseen scenarios as well as to display properties
comparable to social entities.

Biological systems are able to handle many of these
challenges with an elegance and efficiency still far beyond
current human artifacts. Based on this observation,
bio-inspired approaches have been proposed in the past years
as a strategy to handle the complexity of such systems. The
goal is to obtain methods on how to engineer technical
artifacts which have similar high stability and efficiency
as biological entities often have.


Additional Information

We are soliciting high-quality original papers in the following five areas including but not limited to the following topics: a) Bio-inspired mathematical models, methods and tools - Mathematical models of biological processes - Qualitative assessment of evolutionary algorithms - Multiscale dynamics of emergent properties b) Bio-inspired software - Engineering methods and tools for bio-inspired systems - Bio-inspired service evolution and optimization - Pandemic service deployment strategies c) Bio-inspired security mechanisms - Artificial immune and self-healing systems - Cell, body, population-level security mechanisms - Adaptive and evolving protection mechanisms d) Bio-inspired networks and communication systems - Bio-inspired network algorithms and protocols - Bio-inspired autonomic communication systems - Evolution of network architectures and protocols e) Bio-inspired and bio-based nano-scale communication and information systems - Molecular communication - Biological computing - Nano-scale biologically engineered systems