Event Date/Time: Oct 19, 2006 End Date/Time: Oct 20, 2006
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The protection of intellectual property (IP) rights has become crucial to the success of many foreign investors and enterprises who wish to profit from China’s fast growing market. As many foreign investors have discovered that counterfeiting, passing off and other forms of IP infringement are common in China. At the same time, Chinese companies are investing heavily in sophisticated technology and require an effective IP system to protect their own investment.

Acts of infringement as well as counterfeiting and piracy, equate to lost profits and sales for legitimate businesses. They also defraud consumers, result in lost tax revenues, and threaten employment along with the health and safety of the public. These far-reaching implications have put increased pressure on intellectual property rights holders operating in China and throughout the world to formulate a strategic plan to tackle these issues and combat counterfeiting and gray market diversion.

Practitioners and executives must identify and weigh the available preventative protection measures and reactive enforcement measures which can be taken to secure and to enforce IP rights. As today’s most powerful value driver of an enterprises’ growth lies in its intellectual property portfolio, they must understand the fact that IPR is more than a legal claim on ingenuity. IPR has become a revenue producing asset, a crucial ingredient in enhancing corporate brand equity and a weapon to attack competitors.


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