Education and Development Conference 2007

Venue: First Hotel Bangkok

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Event Date/Time: Mar 09, 2007 End Date/Time: Mar 11, 2007
Abstract Submission Date: Dec 01, 2006
Paper Submission Date: Feb 01, 2006
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This three day program is unlike most of the academic conferences. It aims to bring together both scholars and students as well as experienced professionals willing to learn more and share their ideas and achievements about the importance of education and it correlation with development. The minimum requirement is that participants have taken at least one year of graduate university courses. Undergraduate students may be reviewed and accepted under special conditions and based on their academic background and past achievements.


International Conference on Education and Development provides a comprehensive and interactive program in which participants cultivate their cross-cultural, and communication skills and learn about different educational systems, the importance of education and ways how to develop and implement it.


This program aims to provide the participants with an analysis of the importance of education, educational systems and its impact worldwide. Each participant should be able to understand how different cultures, political, social and economical environments influence educational systems and development and other way around. Participants will learn how how different political, economical This knowledge paired with the participants' improved communication skills and inspiration can be a powerful tool to inflict change in their own communities and organizations.


Overall, the program will benefit four different groups of people: graduate students, scholars, company representatives and community members. Graduate students will learn and grow from the new roles they are allowed to take on. Scholars will be exchanging their ideas, learn about some new approaches in this field and pass on their knowledge on to the other participants but at the same time to improve their own knowledge, leadership and communication skills. Company representatives will gain some practical skills, learn more about the importance of permanent education in achieving high performances of organization, meet their colleagues from around the world, establish new contacts and most importantly have a chance to get some new ideas that will bring back to their companies and communities. Community members will benefit from the knowledge and resources that the participants bring back to their communities. The benefits of this program will continue to affect all persons involved for years to come.


This project is designed to have lasting effects on the lives of those who participate in the Conference, as well as members of their community. The young persons who participate will gain new knowledge, skills, and resources, which will enable them to improve their relative social, economic, and political positions throughout their lives. These skills and knowledge serve as a foundation for young persons to continue to improve their human capital on an ongoing basis. In turn, these students will become future leaders in different fields- journalism, business, political, and community realms—sharing their knowledge and experience with others and creating positive impacts in the community.