Universal Passing Over / International Paranormal Psychic Awareness Festval (UPO)

Venue: Universal Passing Over / International Paranormal & Psychic Awareness Festival

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Event Date/Time: Oct 28, 2006 End Date/Time: Oct 28, 2006
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Contact Vickie Gay at: 415.244.6321

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RENO’S PSYCHIC MEDIUM TAKES CENTER STAGE IN INTERNATIONAL EVENT CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND -- Reno’s Vickie Gay, one of America’s leading psychic mediums, has been selected to be in charge of “Universal Passing Over 2006” for the United States, International Organizer David Wharmby announced today.

“The international event will take place simultaneous in the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and the United States on October 28, 2006,” said Wharmby. “The purpose of the event will be to assist after-death souls that are stuck on the earth-plane and want to pass-over, but have been unable to do so for various reasons.”

“Vickie Gay was the natural choice to lead this kind of effort for the United States,” continued Wharmby. “She is internationally known as being a highly compassionate person who has shown thousands of people through her readings and séances that there is a doorway, a veil, between life and life after death. It only made sense, then, that she should be the one selected.”

Upon learning of her appointment as the USA organizer, Gay said, “I am overwhelmed to be the one named to lead the U.S. effort for this event, especially since it is a global responsibility.”

When asked to describe what was going to take place in October, Gay responded, “The event will take place simultaneously in all four countries. In each country 12 mediums will sit in a circle supported by hundreds of other psychics and mediums. All of them will be connected to each other as though they are a chain of batteries. Together, they will generate a loving energy that will spread globally and will enable thousands, if not millions of souls, who are currently stuck on the earth plane to be released and guided toward the light.”

Besides being held this year, Gay said that Universal Passing Over would also be held in 2008, 2010, and 2012. She said that the event would also include speakers, awards and xxxxxx. She said that final arrangements were being made as to the site selection for this year’s event.

A native of Texas, Gay has resided in Reno for the past four years. She periodically gives readings and séances at psychic fairs held in Reno and throughout the United States, as well as through private readings.

When asked to give a brief description of the October event, Gay responded, “Universal Passing Over 2006 is the vision of guiding souls through heaven’s twilight.”

Linking together as one, USA, UK, Canada, and New Zealand will simultaneously unite by Radio/TV or Internet link up, to all join energies as 'One Beacon of Light'.

With these 'four corners of the earth' sitting at the same time and respective dateline, an En Masse Passing Over of Souls® will be conducted, thus assisting many of the lost and wandering souls still trapped here upon this physical plane to move toward the light and in turn, cross over.

With 12 Mediums sitting in an inner circle, supported by an outer circle of both Psychics and Mediums, we intend to generate an immense and power-filled globally unified Energy of Love and Light to aide the crossing over of our, and the world’s loved ones.

Although it is well known by all involved, that not all souls will cross at this time, the unified energy created globally will allow thousands.... if not millions to move into the Light.

Saturday at 1PM - Will be the 'Culmination of the Event'.

Sponsored Awards Ceremony
In recognition of all Paranormal Research / Investigative Groups & All Spiritually Aware Websites World Wide Awards will be passed out to the involved groups who are nominated for excellence in their progressive work in the field of paranormal research and Spiritual Work. Some of the categories are…
Best Paranormal Image Captured
Best EVP Recording Captured
Most Informative Spiritual/Paranormal Website
Best TV show that covers the paranormal
Best Radio show that covers the paranormal
Best Magazine that covers the paranormal
Lectures every half hour by noted and respected experts in the paranormal/psychic and Spiritual field

Trade and Exhibition: Vendor stands will offer visitors a wide and varied selection of festival mission and related products and services. Readings by mediums and psychics. ‘Universal Passing Over 2006’
Paranormal & Psychic Awareness Festival 2006 USA Saturday October 28th 2006
at The Alexis Resort in Las Vegas, NV in the United States of America
Alexis Park Resort & Villas 375 East Harmon Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89109
Tel: +1-800-582-2228 Attendees please ask for the Vickie Gay group block 'V1006', to get your rooms at the special rates for the 'Universal Passing Over 2006'
USA organizer: Vickie Gay at 415-244-6321 web site: universalpassingoverusa.com
“Universal Passing Over 2006’ is the vision of guiding souls through heaven’s twilight.” -- Vickie Gay


Additional Information

Tickets $8 at the door/ 10am-6pm door open to the public fro trade and exhibitio inclued in admision are most lectures, raffle, paranormal gallery/ 1pm culmination of the Universal Passing Over... www.universalpassingusa.com