Call for papers for Metromeet 2007 – International Conference on Industrial Dimensional Metrology (METROMEET 2007)

Venue: Bilbao

Location: Bilbao, Vizcaya, Spain

Event Date/Time: Jul 27, 2006
Paper Submission Date: Oct 09, 2006
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METROMEET 2007 invites researchers as well as Industrial Dimensional Metrolgy experts to share their experiences about the proposed topics.

People who are interested in sending their proposals can send their abstracts to: or before the 9th October 2006.

METROMEET aims to present the works of different researchers and international experts about the aspects related to the general topic of the conference. Topics of the conference are the following:

• Solutions for in-line inspection

• Future trends in metrological R&D

• Recent developments in the area of metrological software

• Metrology and economics

• New developments in measurement instruments

• Measurement problems of large work pieces and their solutions

• State of the art and challenges of multi-sensor coordinate metrology

• Overview of industrial process quality requirements and metrology-based process improvements

• Uncertainty, traceability and reliability of measurements with CMMs

• Advances of micro- and nanometrology

• Latest developments and solutions in the area of optical non-contact measurement and 3D digitalisation systems

• New developments in Virtual Metrology

• Methods, organisation and best practices in the area of industrial metrology

• Acreditation and certification

• Academic Education in Metrology

There are lectures of two different kinds:

Tutorials offer you insight into the technologies, tools, instruments and working methods showing clearly and concise the practical aspects involved in their implementation.
Tutorials will last 2 hours.

On the other hand presentations discuss current topics of Industrial Metrology, State of the Art, problems and solutions, quality requirements, norms, etc.
Presentations will last 30 minutes.

The deadline for sending presentation proposals to us is the 9th October 2006. The speakers will be informed about the evaluation of their proposal during the month of October.

METROMEET will publish in a special press release the speakers which have been accepted by the Tecnical Committee.

The Tecnical Committee will evaluate the presented proposals according to the following criteria:
1. Summary of the presentation is included. It contains the contents and objective of the presentation as well as the relations to the topic of the conference.
2. A short Curriculum Vitae (Resume) about the author of the presentation is sent to us.
3. The contact information is known.



Additional Information

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