The 12th China International Exhibition for Building Materials Building System, Construction Machi (Chinabuilding2007)

Venue: Beijing Exhibition Center

Location: Beijing, Beijing, China

Event Date/Time: May 10, 2007 End Date/Time: May 13, 2007
Registration Date: May 15, 2007
Early Registration Date: May 01, 2006
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Contact person: Mr Jiang dengkun
Project Manager
CCPIT Building Materials Sub-council
Address: No 11, Sanlihe Rd, Haidian District, Beijing, China.
Tel: +86-0-13240150908 (+)86 ¨C10-68317747 Fax: +86-0-88365650
The 12th China International Exhibition for Building Materials Building System, Construction Machinery & Architecture
Date: May. 08 - 13, 2007
Venue: Beijing ¡ñ China International Exhibition Center
Concurrent Exhibitions:
¨€ The 6th Beijing International Green Building Materials Exhibition
¨€ The 10th China International Exhibition for Kitchen & Bath Industry
¨€ The 21st China International Exhibition for New Building Materials & Steel Construction
¨€ The 10th China International Exhibition for Ceramic, Stone Products & Coverings
¨€ The 9th China International Exhibition for Windows, Doors Curtain Walls & Intelligent Housing District System
¨€ The 4th China International Exhibition for Painting ,Chemical Materials.

China Building Materials Industries Association
CCPIT, Building Materials Sub-Council
China National Building Materials Exhibition & Trade Center
China Beijing Exhibition Center
The Largest Building Materials Exhibition in North China
Date & Venue£º
l Date£º May. 08-09, 2007 Register and Set-up for Raw Space
May. 08-09, 2007 Register and Set-up for Furnished Booth
May. 10-13, 2007 Opening Ceremony and Exhibition
15£º00am, May,13, 2007 End
l Venue: Beijing Exhibition Center
Hall1, Hall2, Hall3, Hall 4, Hall 5, Hall 6, Hall 7, Hall 8, Hall 9, (40,000m2)
Exhibition List:
1. Sanitary Ware and Metallic Fittings
Sanitary ware, sauna, whirlpool bathtub, steam bath room, shower room, bathroom package and related fittings
2. Flooring Materials
Timber floor, composite materials, interior & exterior ceramic wall and floor tiles, stone materials, square brick, granite, marble and other solid decorative materials, carpet and various flooring materials.
3. Doors, Windows and Hardware
Architectural curtain wall, glass curtain wall, aluminum alloy curtain wall, various door and window materials, special functionary doors and other hardware accessories
4. Chemical Building Materials
Plastic and steel door and window and accessories, Lath wood, patterned lumber and manufacturing equipment, deadening and capacity insulation materials, oil paint and coating, thermal insulation coating, waterproofing, anti-corrosive and rust-inhibiting paint, various additives, ccessoriesand gap-filling adhesives.
5. Interior Decoration Materials
Decorative panel. Ceiling board, various wooden products, glass, curtain, wallpaper, art products of cloth, lamp and fittings, artifacts.
6. Kitchen System and Hardware
Cabinet, wash slot, table-board, kitchen electric utensils, etc
7. Heating Equipment and Ventilation System
Fuel gas boiler, burner, boiler and controlling system, calorie meter, radiator, heat exchanger, ventilation equipment, heat blower.
8. Fuel gas technology and Equipment
Fuel gas gauge, detecting and control technology and equipment, fuel gas pipe and anti-corrosive equipment, fuel gas application technology, gas stove and equipment and maintenance, gas transmitting and distribution system, etc.
9. Electrical System
Interior & exterior equipment and technology, control parts, such as switch, electrical outlet, protection and safety control facility, automatic door control system, etc.
10. House Building Materials
New wall materials, fireproof materials, fiberglass reinforced plastics and composite materials, metallic and non-metallic materials and products, cements products, and admixtures, gypsum products, etc.
11. Steel Framework Products
Steel framework products, technology and fittings, etc.
Booth Specification & Expense:
l Expense Furnished Booth (3mx3m)=9 m2 USD 2070.00
Raw Space (36 m2 at least) USD 200.00 per m2
Catalogue Color Black&White
Cover 2 USD2000
Cover 3 USD2000
Back Cover USD2500
Inset USD1000 RMB3000
Ad on Ticket: USD1000/30000
Ad on Bag: USD5000/10000
Participation Procedure:
1. Choose the booth and fill in the application form, then fax or e-mail to the organization committee;
2. Conform the application and sign the contract with the committee;
3. Pay the deposit by means of remittance of cheque;
4. After pay-off, on receiving the exhibition guide, please make preparation for your exhibition.
l Advertising on domestic press and on net;
l Domestic and overseas merchant are invited to the exhibition by mail, fax network.
l Before the exhibition, the Preview that introduces the conditions of exhibition activities, exhibitors and products will be sent to customers to deepen the influence of the exhibition and establish the relationship between buyers and suppliers;
l In the exhibition, special seminar, academic communion will be held and experts will give introduction. The exhibition will be a great chance to communicate in industry. It will be a platform to express new ideas, popularize new products, and introduce new technology, new technologies and new materials;
l Million of admission tickets and invitations will be sent to customers in time;
l The catalogue of exhibitors will be spread to relevant exhibitions around the world to increase the enterprises¡¯influence;
l By the publicizing of relative branches of the government, industry associations, science & research institutions and schools, the exhibition will attract many professional visitors.
l The organization committee will be in charge of the entry visa, reception, customs, transportation and purchase, etc;
Concurrent Activities:
l ¡°Green Building Materials Products¡± Certification
l Forum of the Development of Chinese Window & Door
l Promotion of the China Famous Products
l Promotion of New Materials, New Products, New Technologies
l International Building Materials Buyers¡¯ Union
The 12th China International Exhibition for Building Materials Building System, Construction Machinery & Architecture
(Please fill in the form tidily)
Date£ºMay.08-13, 2007 Venue: Beijing Exhibition Center
Company Name Chinese
Address P C
Contact Manage
E-Mail Website
1. Furnished Booth m2 Raw Space (indoor) m2 Raw Space (outdoor) m2 Booth Number Cost: USD 2. Catalogue Ad.£º ¡õColor Inset ¡õBack Cover ¡õCover 2 ¡õCover 3 ¡õBlack & White3. Other Ad.£º ¡õTicket ¡õBag Cost: USD Our Company agrees with the relevant principles of the Exhibition. The Contract is in valid since the signature. Signature£ºMonth Day Year
For further information, please contact:Organizer£º CCPIT, Building Materials Sub-CouncilAddress£ºNo.11, Rd, Sanlihe, Beijing Postal Code:100831Tel£º (+)86 10 68317747 FAX: (+)86 10 68317747 E-Mail£º Website: www.chinabuilding.orgOrganizer Account: Account£ºCCPIT, BMSC Bank£ºIndustry & Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Branch, Bai Wanzhuang Banking OfficeA/C No.: 0200001409014466909 Swift Code: ICBKCNBJBJM Please note Building Materials Exhibition when remitContact Person: Jiangdengkun TEL: +86-0-13240150908 +86-10-68317747

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The Largest Building Materials Exhibition in North China