Event Date/Time: Oct 26, 2006 End Date/Time: Oct 27, 2006
Registration Date: Oct 20, 2006
Early Registration Date: Sep 22, 2006
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At the heart of all modern, competitive, fast-growing, and successful college and university science programs is a vision of science buildings as vital tools for research and science teaching. At this conference you’ll learn the new specifics for these “tools” and how they are being designed and built to get more science program per capital dollar.

Specifically, you’ll learn the details of the new construction and renovation models (numbers, features, and project strategies) that are delivering:

New multi- and interdisciplinary solutions
Greater adaptability for long-term viability
Higher energy efficiency
Solutions to construction-cost escalation
More science visibility
High-impact faculty and student recruiting features
Greater use of existing infrastructure.
Attend this conference to drive your science program forward with more efficient building solutions that target the seven new science program realities: 1) higher-requirement technologies, 2) more interdisciplinary processes, 3) rapidly revolving programs, 4) faster technology evolution, 5) cost challenges, 6) capital constraints, and 7) heightened competition.

Make this meeting an integral part of getting your team up to date on the standards and planning concepts for your upcoming science building initiatives. Check your plans against what others are doing. Get ahead of the curve on “science-buildings-as-tools” planning. Attend this conference along with other members of your team, including your key operating people who will run these buildings.