Event Date/Time: Nov 30, 2006 End Date/Time: Dec 01, 2006
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The ISDA® Master Agreements and their Schedules are continually evolving in response to legislative changes, judicial decisions, market needs and significant events such as the large corporate collapses of recent years. As the Master Agreements evolve, it is imperative that derivative and foreign exchange experts have an in-depth and practical understanding of the mechanisms that exist to protect the firm in the event of a counterparty default or insolvency or the occurrence of force majeure events. You must also be aware of the disastrous consequences that could result from a failure to implement these mechanisms properly.

Different legal, commercial and credit considerations will influence the choice of Master Agreements, the negotiation of the Schedules and the taking of Collateral. ISDA® negotiators must have a firm, practical, grasp of these complex issues and of the various options and techniques available to them to protect the firm’s interests in the most efficient way.

Practitioners involved in the covered bonds market, need to understand what due diligence should be done before entering into a derivative partnership in a cover pool. There is an ISDA® project as to developing standardised schedules to ISDA® Master Agreement.

Finally, anyone involved in this area of work must have an accurate and up to date knowledge of important legislative developments, such as the EU Financial Collateral Directive, the Collateral Regulations and the Funds Definitions, and recent case law, that impact directly on it.

This conference is by far the most comprehensive one that you will attend in this area in 2006. Take this opportunity to hear from the leading practitioners. Network with peers and colleagues who share similar concerns. Register now to secure your place at this event by calling + 44 20 7878 6888 or online at www.C5-Online.com/ISDA


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