IT Pricing, Costing & Chargeback Excellence

Venue: Furama City Centre, Singapore

Location: Furama City Centre, Singapore, Singapore

Event Date/Time: Aug 14, 2006
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Event Name: IT Pricing, Costing & Chargeback Excellence

Dates: 19-21 SEPTEMBER 2006
Venue: Furama City Centre, Singapore


Do you wish to recover your IT costs through an effective chargeback system but fear the havoc and administrative nightmare of launching such a complex program?

You can now have access to successful pricing, costing, & chargeback models with case studies and examples to help you plan and implement your chargeback system successfully.

This training course, now in its 2nd run is specially designed with two separately-bookable workshops. - Now you have the option of not one but two workshops!

Choose from 2 comprehensive and separately book-able training courses that focus on driving a successful chargeback system. Here is a brief summary of the workshops:

Workshop A - 19 September 2006:
Creating a “Fair and Equitable’ Chargeback System
Fundamental tools for you to set up a successful chargeback system in your organisation.

This workshop is designed for:
Organisations that know the concepts of IT pricing, costing and chargeback and are starting to implement or will be implementing them.

Workshop B - 20-21 September 2006:
Successfully Implementing an IT Chargeback System
This is a comprehensive workshop for organisations that are at the implementation stage of their chargeback system and want to make sure it is done successfully. Using a proven implementation process, we include problems and issues faced by many mid-sized and large organisations and work through them to highlight the solutions derived and the options they have considered during the process.

This workshop is case study focused for:
Organisations that are at the implementation stage of their chargeback system. Participants will be able to identify problems and learn the solutions to overcome them.

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