Event Date/Time: Jan 19, 2007 End Date/Time: Jan 20, 2007
Abstract Submission Date: Oct 15, 2006
Paper Submission Date: Dec 15, 2007
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Taiwan Today: Perspectives from India

Department of East Asian Studies, University of Delhi,
Delhi- 110007, India
19-20 January 2007

Today East Asia is undoubtedly the most dynamic region of the world in terms of economic growth and development. Since the 1980s economic boom in East Asia drew the world¡¯s attention towards it. The ¡°Four East Asian Tigers¡¯, (South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan), as they were called, ceased to appear like developing areas as they achieved phenomenal success in their growth-oriented strategies and effectively advanced the standard of living of their people. In India, Taiwan began to be noticed and its outstanding economic performance appreciated, among both the government and non-government circles.

Soon after Independence India¡¯s international overtures indicated that it wished to have close ties with the entire Asian and African region. In the post-Cold war period this has been revived in some form. India¡¯s relations with the People¡¯s Republic of China rule out any possibilities of political ties with Taiwan. However, in the mid-1990s the Indian establishment¡¯s ¡®Look East policy¡¯ has widened the arena for a multi-dimensional relationship with the various entities in the East Asian region. In the year 1995 both India and Taiwan set up offices in Taipei and New Delhi. Economic relations had been growing much before this but with the setting up of ¡®Economic and Cultural Centres¡¯, people-to-people contacts are increasing with each passing year. In the sphere of economic ties there is great scope for expansion particularly in the IT sectors. Cultural and educational ties too appear to be widening. Now that Taiwan is in India¡¯s radar, academic interest on Taiwan is on the increase in this country.

The Department of East Asian Studies, University of Delhi is one of the few academic centres where all the entities in the East Asian region are studied and researched. Of late study of Taiwan¡¯s religion and culture has interested its faculty members. However, a wider and broad-based understanding of Taiwan has become an academic necessity. With this in mind the Department is planning to hold a two-day international conference in the second half of January 2007 in the campus of Delhi University. Tentatively the sessions of the conference would be as follows:

Taiwan: History, Religion, Arts & Culture
Societal Dynamics in Taiwan
Political Processes and the Advent of Democratic politics
Taiwan¡¯s Economic Miracle
Cross-Straits¡¯ Economic/Cultural Interactions
India and Taiwan: The Economic Dimension
India and Taiwan: Growing Cultural and Educational Ties

Academics, journalists, officials, corporate sector people are all invited to present papers. Those interested may send an abstract of 250-300 words along with Name, Position, and Institutional affiliation through E-Mail. Full paper of about 10,000 words (with endnotes) may be submitted as word file attachment.

Call for Papers

Deadline for Abstracts: 15 OCTOBER 2006
Deadline for Full Paper: 15 DECEMBER 2006

Contact Person:

Dr.Anita Sharma


Department of East Asian Studies, Delhi University

Additional Information

Department of East Asian Studies will provide boarding and lodging during the conference period. There is no registration fees. Participants will arrange for their airfare.