FINALCIAL CRIME (Detection and Deterr)

Venue: Millenium Hotel

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Sep 14, 2006
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Fraud continues to be a major problem for financial institutions – the question is how can you keep one step ahead of the fraudsters? As perpetrators of fraud and organised crime become more sophisticated in their attacks it is essential that financial institutions do all they can to assess and mitigate the risk of the continually evolving threat that fraud poses at all levels of their organisations. They must be armed with 21st century tactics to detect and combat financial crime in all its guises.

Last year APACS reported a £439.4 million loss on UK issued cards –card not present fraud constituting £183.2 million of that the total loss. In particular, online banking fraud is on the increase and identity theft continues to be a major concern. Not only must your fraud policy and security system shield you from unwanted external on-line attack but you must also combat the internal threat from the enemy within – the few employees, who if the conditions are right, will commit fraud and compromise your security systems and reputation.

Leading experts will give their insights on:

•The importance of the relationship between internal audit and risk management in fraud prevention
•How to protect your data systems from on-line attack by fraudsters
•Legal aspects of staff surveillance – how far can you go?
•What you need to know about the use and application of technology in investigating internal fraud.
•How effective is two factor authentication in the securing on-line transactions
•VAT carousel fraud uncovered
•Keeping up with the ‘dark side of the internet’
•How the DCPCU is tackling payment fraud
•How sharing information across industry can help you fight fraud