Fourth International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management (Water Resources Mana)

Venue: The Neptune Hotels Resort

Location: Kos, Island, Greece

Event Date/Time: May 21, 2007 End Date/Time: May 23, 2007
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The Fourth International Conference on Water Resources Management will present the more recent technological and scientific developments associated with the management of surface and sub-surface water resources.

The importance of this meeting cannot be over-emphasised as water increasingly becomes a precious resource on which the well-being of future generations depends. Issues of water quality, quantity, management and planning, as well as other related topics, are essential to the future of the world population.

Water resources are under extreme pressure today all over the world. The resulting problems have given rise to many activities which reflect the growing concern about them and the importance accorded to their management.
Water related conferences organised by the Wessex Institute of Technology have been successfully held in many locations throughout the world. Water Resources Management is one of the most important conferences in the series.

The first conference on Water Resources Management was held in Haldikik, Greece in 2001, the second in Los Palmas, Gran Canaria (2003), and the third in the Algarve, Portugal (2005).