Event Date/Time: Dec 11, 2006 End Date/Time: Dec 12, 2006
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The Pre IPO community is gathering together to discuss the current climate, eager to determine the best path forward

Your company maybe ready for an IPO, but how are the market conditions likely to change and influence your decisions? Here exclusively from the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority, Dubai International Financial Centreand Dubai Financial Services Authority.

There are, of course, factors both internal and external that inhibit the successful progression to a public company:

Many organizations are simply not ready for the increased responsibility to a variety of new stakeholders that comes with becoming a public company
The markets must take a tighter control on who is allowed to proceed to listing. The viability of any IPO must be intensely scrutinized and its impact on the market assessed
An IPO can considerably impact on market liquidity so careful management for growth and maturity of the capital markets is needed

Who will I meet and who is speaking?

What Will Be The Impact Of The New Commercial Companies' Law? Find Out More.
Preparing Your Business For An IPO: Making The Necessary Changes In Culture and Structure To Ensure IPO Success
Establishing A Telecoms Giant – The Successful IPO of du Telecom
Improving IPO Disclosures and Distribution Channels For A Healthy IPO And IPO Market
Beyond The IPO: The Requirements For Managing A Listed Company

Don't miss this event because...
Relize the full extent of change required for sustainable success as a public company
Meet the organizations and individuals designing and implementing the regulations that impact on your business
Develop an intimate understanding of the what, where, why and when of regulation in the IPO market place
Discover how to best use your resources and learn to effectively communicate with the market
Hear detailed, in-depth analysis of business critical IPO issues that will impact on your business
Learn to manage the complete portfolio of stakeholders both new and old
Interactive and engaging discussions will help you map a course through the evolving regulatory landscape
Establish long-term success and secure your organizations future earning potential


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