The Second Annual Consultants Convention 2006

Venue: London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Sep 21, 2006
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Charles Handy predicted the growth in importance and relevance of the Independent Knowledge Worker (IKW) - and the changes in the marketplace in recent years have proven his analysis to be correct. Most engineers will, at some time during their career, work as an IKW of some kind so, even if you are not independent at the moment, the chances are high that you soon will be!
IKWs have to have (at least) two sets of skills, those that they sell (ie their core expertise), and those that enable them to sell profitably. The 2006 Consultants’ Convention will focus on the marketing, selling, and closing skills necessary for consultants to understand their prospects’ and clients’ needs, present their offering appropriately, and come to an agreement with the client on the way forward. Topics will include:

Networking – both as a way of finding prospects and associates, and as a way of delivering value
Using the web effectively
Presenting your skills to the marketplace, and to your clients and prospects
Additionally, an interactive workshop stream will address an important issue in the marketing space and generate some solutions for presentation in the final plenary session.

The concept of the Convention is that practising consultants share their knowledge, experience, and insights, with their colleagues. The Convention will deliver value to old hands, recent converts, and to people considering making the switch to Independent Knowledge Working, as well as providing a wonderful networking platform. Come and join us!

Key Benefits from attending

Define your offering, present your skills and experience a better understanding of how to use the web to market your services effectively
Appreciate the phases of negotiation
Grow your network of colleagues
Hear consultants’ perspectives on your problems
Who should attend

Self-employed professionals and those working in small companies should attend. This includes those who market themselves as consultants, freelancers, interim managers, contractors, or any of the many other forms of marketing and selling their skills independently. Additionally, those considering joining the ranks of the self-employed will benefit greatly from the insights offered by the Convention.