GCC Police Organizations Management and Leadership Development Conference

Venue: Dubai UAE

Location: Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Event Date/Time: Dec 10, 2006 End Date/Time: Dec 11, 2006
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GCC Police departments have the most important task of keeping up the peace, security and rule of law so that trade, economy, culture and the nation itself may flourish.

World over, Police departments are undergoing massive restructuring processes and GCC police departments cannot be left behind and now is the right time to start thinking of transforming their organizations, their structure and the way they operate.

What will be discussed?

Looking at the GCC region and its policing efforts, it is true that various Police departments can take pride in their achievements. However, the realities in this part of the world are fast changing, what was once a sleepy neighborhood of nations enjoying relative calm is quickly becoming a major hub for global business and economy. Rising population, economic activity, 100s of nationalities, huge influx of tourists, pressure on infrastructure like roads etc…have made its impact on GCC police departments.

Considering the above, It is the responsibility of every police department and its top decision to sit up and think what the future holds for them. They run a huge risk for themselves and their nation by deciding to stick to traditional approaches and policing practices.