Executive Reach Ethanol & Biofuels: Abuja, 2007 (Abuja March 2007)

Venue: Yar\'Adua International Conference Centre

Location: ABUJA, Nigeria

Event Date/Time: Mar 29, 2007 End Date/Time: Mar 30, 2007
Registration Date: Mar 29, 2007
Early Registration Date: Dec 01, 2006
Abstract Submission Date: Jan 28, 2007
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The call 2007


March 5-6, 2007

Executive Reach Ethanol & Biofuels Abuja 2007 is:
•The event that will bring together all stakeholders from the entire Biofuels value chain - regulators, biofuel producers, feedstock providers, technology providers, project consultants, industrial end-users and investors
• The only green energy conference in Africa that explores the fundamentals of ethanol and biofuels from a legislative, supply & demand and investment perspective.
• Held in conjunction with Zenith Agroethanol, a major event that will bring together over 1,000 senior business decision makers. Both present and future ethanol producers will like to attend.

You won’t want to miss this year’s Summit in Abuja where some of the best international speakers will come together to talk about the African biofuels market and its massive expansion. You'll have the opportunity to learn the latest information about the ethanol industry, network with key leaders and meet the players at this first annual Executive Reach Ethanol & Biofuels Summit, to be held March 5-6, 2007, at Sheraton Hotel & Towers Conference Centre, Abuja.

Who Should Attend:
Agriculture Leaders
Present and future Ethanol Producers
Biodiesel Industry members
State and Federal govt representatives
Public Policy Makers
Environment & Energy Officials
Ethanol & Biodiesel Industry Associations Industry Suppliers and Vendors
Academia & Research Institutions
Petroleum Marketers & Refiners
Transportation Officials
Consumer & Environmental Advocates
Insurance companies
Regulatory bodies, i.e. SON, NAFDAC

Plans for Ethanol & Biofuels Abuja 2007 are underway, and your participation is requested! This is your opportunity to network with numerous professionals and policy makers.

Executive Reach Ethanol & Biofuels Abuja 2007 will feature:

• Hands-on Workshops
• Industry focus sessions featuring keynote presentations by industry leaders in
 communications
 education
 energy and Utilities
 financial Services/Insurance
 Government
 Manufacturing
 Marketing
 Transportation/Logistics

• Keynote luncheons
• Networking opportunities


Program topics will have a strong focus on commercial-scale ethanol production, new technology, and near-term research and development including:

• Current government initiatives for the use of alternative fuels, and expectations of future policy developments:
Analysing the implications of the current government policies for the renewable energy industry

• Basics of Biofuels Production
Presentation will provide a basic overview of current ethanol and biodiesel production processes and technology, plant capacities and locations, and a number of others industry facts.
• Important Selection Criteria for siting an ethanol plant
Siting a plant based on the right mix of feedstock availability, market access and other cost-saving synergies, such as co-location, is a key to project sustainability in a rapidly growing industry.
• Risk Management in an ethanol Plant:
Risk management of energy and feedstock commodity futures is one of the hottest topics in ethanol industry. This will involve, contract management, commodity forecasyting and supply issues among others.
With the rise in the petroleum prices and the growing demand for transportation fuels, ethanol is rapidly gaining acceptance and strength worldwide. Learn about how ethanol is playing an important role as a new energy resource and opportunities for industry development around the world.
The role of pre-treatment in starch substrates for fuel ethanol production
Boosting ethanol yield for a ton of starch by enzymes activity optimization

Ethanol plant safety plans and procedures. Does your plant meets all the minimum requirements of OSHAS?
The past, present and future of cellulose ethanol. When will the first commercial and sustainable cellulose ethanol plant be built around the world?

• Feedstock Supply
This session will review feedstocks that can be used to produce biofuels now and in the future; how much feedstock is required; options for procuring feedstocks; managing supply and price risk; and cooperatives and delivery contracts.

• Biofuels Markets and Opportunities
The ethanol and biodiesel markets will be looked at - geographically, by market type (conventional gasoline, RFG, CO), and projected areas for growth and future market drivers, such as the RFS.

• Co-Products: Current Markets and Developments
This session will review co-products from ethanol and biodiesel production, current markets and market opportunities and challenges.

• Project Development- Building a Team for Success
Structuring for success and for attracting financing is a key to successful project development. This session will look at the options and trends in organizing for the future.

• Design/Build: Finding the Right Company for the Project
Choosing the right Engineering and construction firm can make the difference between expedience and a battle for attracting investors and financing. This session will discuss the current options and what to look for.

• Project Financing
A panel discussion of the various sources for plant financing, typical project requirements for equity, debt, sub-debt and other creative options, plus guidelines for reaching financial close.

• Managing Your Ethanol Plant
This will be an important session on plant organization and responsibilities, how to maximize operating efficiencies, plant maintenance and administration.

• Plus other pertinent topics

Executive Reach invites you to show your support in sponsoring our event. Considering the importance of this event and your role as a stakeholder partner, we recommend you to join and sponsor this event. Please find in this document more information on the various sponsorship benefits and also visit www.executivereach.com for more information on the event.

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Conference Registration

Ethanol & Biofuels Summit 2007 registration opens Dec.1. 2006. be sure to check the website at www.executivereachforum.com for the latest conference updates and complete registration information.

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